The California Compassionate Use Act, CA HSC §11362.5
The Unofficial Site for Tracking Implementation and Compliance


Non-Governmental Organization Response

March/April 1999, two articles concerning CCUA from American Society of Addiction Medicine. (pdf)

January/February 1999 Physicians, Patients and Marijuana: Complying With the Law by Larry McLaughlin, JD. From Sonoma County Medical Association, a unique "peer review" processs to provide some protedtion for doctors. (pdf).

1-16-99 California Medical Association--Internal Memo Re: Attorney Generals Task Force on Medical Marijuana.(pdf) Discussing the change in AG administrations and its impact on CCUA.

Kaiser Permanente, memorandum on medical marijuana policies (pdf)- update on legal developments, May 19, 1997. Guidelines for Kaiser Permanente physicians who wish to recommend medical cannabis to their patients, including an official form.

Proposition 215 and You, (pdf) published May 15, 1997 by Americans for Medical Rights (the ballot sponsors of CCUA), this document answers frequently asked questions from a somewhat conservative perspective.

Cannabis and Medical Marijuana, (pdf) the Spring 1997 issue of California Addiction Medicine News Vol. 24, No.1. Presents a good overview of cannabis as medicine, includes position statements from American Society of Addiction Medicine and California Society of Addiction Medicine.

Access to Therapeutic Cannibis, (pdf) a position paper from the National Nurses Society on Addiction. Originally published in Journal Addictions Nursing/Volume B, Number 1, 1996.

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