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Ready for even more serious involvement?
Have you been around the reform movement for awhile? Are you ready to get involved in various activities and become more effective in those activites?
Start out by joining our discussion group. MAPTalk is an active chat list where we post letters we have sent the press and media, other correspondence, discuss reform "ways and means" and keep in touch with each others activities.
To join MAPTalk, just visit our Mailing Lists page.
Would you like more information?
If you have already visited some of our other links you have likely seen the name The Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc. This is the largest project yet undertaken by DrugSense. In fact MAP existed before the wider and more all encompassing name of DrugSense was developed to allow participation and dissemination of information to everyone interested in today's drug policy matters.
MAP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to spreading truth and accuracy to the media and key decision makers on drug policy topics. Please visit The Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc. web site to find out more about this vital part of the DrugSense organization.
Information and Resources
DrugSense offers a vast array of information and resources. From this single page you can link to virtually all there is to know about drug issues.
For example we offer a completely searchable archive of news articles called Drugnews. You can use it to search out past or current news articles on virtually any drug related subject. To utilize this amazing resource visit our handy search feature and search on the Drugnews archive.
Are you interested in writing letters and editorials? The Media Awareness Project offers writing tips and a large collection of our member's published letters and editorials. The We Get Published collection is a gold mine of style, facts, figures, stirring testmonials and persuasive arguments that you can adapt and use in your writing.
We also have an excellent collection of links to other web pages to meet virtually every need.
Newshawks Needed
If you are able to share news clippings you come across please send them to our editor:
For more information please read our guidelines for Newshawks.

Attention Media Professionals, Producers and Journalists.
DrugSense offers the finest collection of drug policy experts in the world. Please see our media information resources to learn about how to get in touch with our booking services.