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DrugSense Chat
DrugSense maintains both a text-only and a text/audio chat room.

Information about our text-only chat room appears below. Please visit our Teamspeak section to learn about our text/audio chat room.

DrugSense uses the Melange Chat Server. It requires a Java capable browser such as Netscape or MS Internet Explorer 3.x or better.

Though similar, it is NOT an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server and it is NOT compatible with IRC clients such as mIRC.

It is possible to connect to the chat server with most MUD/MOO clients at drugsense.org port 8002. MUSHClient for Windows by Gammon Software Solutions works well.

Rapscallion is a good Macintosh client. There are other Mac clients at the Mac Orchard but we can not specifically recommend any of them.

The chat is always open but activists meet here on weekend evenings between 18:00-20:00 hours PST.

Drugsense Chat is a place for activists to organize and coordinate their activities, and for the general public to learn and ask questions about drug policy and reform efforts. While its atmosphere is friendly and informal, we strive to keep profanity and offensive behavior under control. We believe in freedom of speech, but with freedom comes responsibility. The views expressed in Drugsense Chat are not necessarily the views of Drugsense or its staff.

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