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When a structure was needed to contain and formalize the growing and increasingly important role DrugSense/MAP was providing to the drug reform community for internet services and technical support, Drug Policy Central was created to provide everything from sliding scale hosting and web design (including fully subsidized) to internet support, programming and innovative tools.

Deb spearheaded the development of DPC Hosting and is part of the team available to assist any of the 100+ Drug Policy Central clients who seek internet support.

Prior to joining DrugSense/MAP/DPC, Deb was, or is, involved in different areas of drug reform:


The Universal Compassion Centre1998
Canadian Cannabis Coalition Networking ListApril,1999 to (ongoing)
Canadian Cannabis Coalition NewsletterSpring - 2000
CannabisLink.caNovember, 2000
CCC delegate, UN-endorsed
international NGO conference "Beyond 2008"
February, 2008

Marijuana in the Nineties: social or legal issue?June 1994
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Selling Out?Spring 2000      
Marijuana PartyOctober 2000      
Emily's ParadoxNovember 2000      
Cannabis and Canada: The Year 2000 in ReviewJanuary 2001      
Complementary Medicine Speaker Series - U of CMarch 8,2001
Response to the Medical Marihuana AccessRegulations May. 6,2001
Police Raid on the Toronto CompassionClub August15, 2002
How long does it take: Legislative time-line comparisonsSeptember 8, 2002
Diary (past homepages, etc.)January 2002 -
The History of the Canadian Cannabis CoalitionNovember 2002
Cannabis and Canada: The Year 2002 in ReviewJanuary 2003
Published Letters Archive1998 - 2003
News Items
Calgary Compassion Centre Lobbying For Safe Cannabis SupplyThurs, 31 Aug 2000
Sign Swipers Driving Party Pot-TyTue., 21 Nov 2000
Krieger Allowed To Grow MarijuanaThurs, 14 Dec 2000
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