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Welcome to the Drug Policy Forum Of Georgia(DPFGA) web page. This web site has been provided by DrugSense and is used in conjunction with the DPFGA email list.

If you would like to join this mailing list, simply provide your Email address in the form below.

For more information, Email the list owner.

One of the best, most effective, and cheapest ways of gaining positive PR is the methods developed by the Media Awareness Project (MAP).

All members of this list are encouraged to be on the lookout for any Georgia news articles related to licit and illicit drugs and drug policy. They should be posted to our central clearinghouse at editor@mapinc.org.

If you would like to help us gather news articles on drug policy for the DrugNews archive and letter writing efforts, consider becoming a NewsHawk.

You can use the topical shortcut at the top of this page to read current news articles which have been posted for this group. These articles were created from the full DrugNews archive at www.mapinc.org/drugnews which is the central clearinghouse and permanent archive for all drug related articles and contains many thousands of drug related news articles all full searchable on any drug related subject. This is an outstanding information resource.

There are hundreds of past news articles complete with the publications email addresses for easy letter writing and this site should be visited regularly for good potential articles for your letter writing efforts.

A concerted effort to write letters to these publication should be undertaken by all list members. You will be amazed at how quickly the media can be educated. Impressive PR and media influence can be managed with a consistent letter writing effort. We have seen it hundreds of times over the last few years.

Letters to the editor (LTEs) when published are like small ads that have been taken out for drug policy reform. They are read by many thousands (sometimes millions) of individuals. The MAP effort has reported nearly 3,000 published LTEs to date with an overall advertising value of more than $2.7 MILLION. The average advertising value of just one published LTE is more than $1,000. An LTE in USA Today can be worth more than $10,000.

Be sure to send a copy of your sent LTEs to sentlte@drugsense.org for archiving. Any published LTEs should go to editor@mapinc.org for permanent archiving. It is helpful if you put SENT or PUBLTE in the subject.

Learn about how to write better and more effective letters at our writer's resources web page.

It's fun it's easy and how else can you contribute thousands of dollars in value to the drug policy reform effort while at home in front of your computer?


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