How you can become involved with
Virginians Against Drug Violence

There are ways you can help join in on the fight against injustice and intolerance
right now that are very effective and don't require a large outlay of time or money.
You can start by learning about the legislative process in Virginia by visiting the
Virginia legislative web site

You are invited to join our {snail} mailing list by contacting Lennice Werth at the
address below or you can receive important Legislative updates by FAX or e-mail
or join in a lively discussion via email just let us know. You can find out more about
VADV and some of the most active members by reading our Current legislative reports
or our editorial and other media commentary archive

Action Letter:
You can send a letter to your own Legislator by clicking here and filling out a short
on-line form..

Hope we can see you some time at the Virginia State House.

Virginians Against Drug Violence INFO:
PLEASE fax/email the legislature:
PLEASE CALL the legislature: (800) 889-0229 (7:00am- 7:00pm)
>>>Contact: Lennice Werth
Volunteer Director 434-645-7838 {FAX} 434-645-8324
>>>Michael Krawitz_Ironto, Virginia
Volunteer Listmaster/Moderator - Information specialist
>>>Roy Scherer_Richmond
Volunteer Legislative analyst and coordinator
DRUGSENSE___<DPFVA@DRUGSENSE.ORG> [low volume state info only]
DRCNet___<VA-DPR@DRCNet.ORG> [High volume discussion list]
DRCNet___<VA-DPR-A@DRCNet.ORG> [Action list ..still inactive..]

Contact:  Lennice Werth
(434)645-7838 or 645-8816 or by FAX (434)645-8324
436 Whitmore Town Rd.
Crewe, VA  23930