Drug Reform                                                                                                       1998 Issue
      Virginian     Virginians Against Drug Violence Annual Legislative Report
                       Rt 3 BOX 692, Crewe, VA 23930 (804) 645-7838  FAX# (804) 645-8324 

1998 Legislative Results:
HB 381  Death for 6 grams of heroin or 1 ounce of cocaine.    DEAD
HB 247,268,281   Seeds and Stems- back with a vengeance.  Police have said
they will push for these bills which would increase marijuana penalties.
HB 1192  Higher tuition costs at state colleges and universities for
students with drug charges.  DEAD
HB795 & 1280  No unemployment for anyone who tests positive or doesn't sign
a document promising not to use.             DEAD
HB 979  Users financially responsible for any societal problems resulting
from drugs  and can be sued.  Far reaching, ridiculous and unworkable.
HB 59  Commercial drivers license suspended 90 days for any positive drug
test.      DEAD
HB 388 PASSED & 1010 DEAD  Both would require health care agencies to
report case histories to police and other “big brother” snoops. Three
“cocaine mom” bills passed, we are still analyzing the final versions. We'll
report to list in 60 days or call.
HB 803 PASSED, SB 557, DEAD & 576 PASSED  Institute criminal charges for
mother when baby tests positive.
HB 361 & SB 216 & 217   All reduce amounts to qualify as a kingpin.  DEAD
SB 212   Doubles jail time for many drug offenders. Killing this bill would
save the state significant money.   DEAD
SB 217  No first offender status for anyone possessing a firearm.   DEAD
HB 768   No hand gun license 3 years after drug charge.   Sorry.   PASSED
SB 194   Introduces new mandatory minimums in certain distribution cases.
This type of sentencing has been disastrous in the past because judges
can’t consider cases on an individual basis.  DEAD
SB 317 DEAD, HB 664 PASSED, & 662 PASSED  Enables government to “help”
marijuana and other drug offenders by charging more fines and forcing more
treatment. Could have been worse-call Lennice for details.