Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 22:24:53 -0420 (EDT)
Dear Virginia Drug Reformers,
    The Crime Commission has set its  schedule for the coming year. The new Executive Director, Rich Savage, is doing a nice job and has even set dates for the early 1999 meetings. They haven't done anything like this in the past bringing to mind the way Italian trains ran uncharacteristically on time under their famous world war two era dictator. Truly Chairman Stolle runs a tight ship.
    So here are the times and dates, subject to change;
    July 14
                   Governmental Affairs Subcommittee 9  AM
                   Public Safety Subcommittee 11AM
                   Full Commission           1 PM
    September 22
                    G.A. Subcommittee 9 AM
                    P.S. Subcommittee 11AM
   October 26
                    G.A. Subcommittee 9AM
                    P.S. Subcommittee 11AM
                    Full Commission      2PM
  November 17
                    G.A. Subcommittee 9AM
                    P.S. Subcommittee 11AM
                    Full Commission      2PM
December 1
                    Legislative Committee  10AM
December 8
                     Full Commission      10AM
January 12 '99
                     Full Commission Breakfast Meeting 8AM
 Spring  1999
April 21
                    Full Organizational Meeting        10AM
For further information the Crime Commission staff may be reached at            (804)225-4534  Fax (804)786-7872 or write to:
       The Virginia State Crime Commission
        910 Capitol St.# 915
       Richmond, VA  23219
                                   May our presence be felt,
                                         Lennice Werth
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