Date: Wed, 4 Aug. 1998 9:58:49 -0420 (EDT)
Dear Virginians Against Drug Violence,
    The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled its cross over meeting for
September 15 at 9:30 AM. In addition to the perennial weed known as seeds
and stems legislation there are several other bills pertinent to our
    I propose brunch afterwards at the Village.  RSVP so I know how much
I'll have to work at whipping up the troops. As the time approaches I'll let
you know more about the agenda.
    For our fellows too far away - the time to visit, call or write your
state senator is now. Let them know that you don't like spending millions to
finance a police state that threatens children and families.
                  Happy Trails to You,
VADV____Virginians Against Drug Violence
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