Date: Wed, 8 Jan. 1999 9:58:49 -0420 (EDT)
Dear Virginians Against Drug Violence,

Hello Everyone and welcome to the 1999 Virginia State Legislative season. I will lay out Lennice's announcements and our work in progress in sections for your ease in reading. Please find a task or two that suits you and dig right in. If you are working {or would like to be working} on a project not listed please contact one of us using the contact info below this message or by replying to this e-mail. Michael

Legislative Update: A lot of bills you would not have liked, including Seeds and Stems, died in the Senate Finance cross over proceedings. This means these bills will have to start all over again in the "99 session. Next time you say your prayers don't forget our friends on that committee. They help us a lot. We will post new bills when they have been read and posted and alerts will follow. The legislative session starts on Jan. 13 "99 and is supposed to end by Feb. 27 "99. --Lennice

Important Constituent polling: Matthew Hammett, Mike Krawitz, Larry Echols, Wendy Chumbly and I have started "counting noses" of Virginia legislators with regard to their position on medical marijuana, decrim, and their willingness to oppose seeds and stems legislation. We need all of you to ask your legislators about their attitude toward these things. Their answers can be cryptic, so just let us know what they are and we'll have our double speak and fence hedging experts analyze it. The legislative session starts on Jan. 13 "99 and is supposed to end by Feb. 27 "99. If you want to see them without traveling to Richmond then catch up with them before that. God bless us all in 1999, --Lennice

Internet project: I have been working on our internet presence both in terms of design of our website and Listserves like this one but also by linking our work with other reform organizations and ultimately and possibly most importantly to the average internet savvy citizen. I have made great progress on the infrastructure side that I would love to discuss with anyone who is interested but I will save bandwidth and simply list here where I need your help the most; 1) I need you to search out your local community Internet bulletin board and send me the link so I can add our webpage to the local directories. {we can get Free publicity this way and it's a great outreach tool} 2) I need all the bookmarks and listserv address's I can get. 3) I need the name of every drug or drug policy oriented organization in Virginia. --Michael

Library Project: Petra and I just got back(December 28, 1998) from Woodrow Wilson Library. We just finished putting up the panels for the Woodrow Wilson Library. The Human Rights-95 display is now on display in this library branch until approximately January 31, 1999. I encourage those in the Washington, DC Metro or Northern Virginia area to go by and see the display or encourage friends and family to stop by this library and see the exhibit. Directions to the library can be found by clicking on Woodrow Wilson Library in the lower right corner of the following web page: --Matt

Positive Legislation development team: The time has surely come to not only stop all "bad " legislation from crossing the aisle but to help a positive bill be born as well. If you would like to work on a positive piece of legislation to be presented in the future before the State Legislature {like a med-mj or mj-decrim bill perhaps} please contact myself or lennice. --Michael

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