VADV Legislative ALERT 16 Jan 99
Life for Nonviolent Juveniles Proposed in Virginia

Please oppose these bills which would increase jail time for nonviolent drug offenders:

*HB1699, 1808 & SB 880- Life sentence for juveniles involved in drug sales.
*HB 1796 &1819- Increases marijuana felonies by adding weight of seeds and stems to charges.
*HB1517- Creates additional penalty for drug sales within 100 yards of a bus stop.
*HB1548- Adds drug sales to inmates to offences leading to asset forfeiture.
*HB 1718- Creates additional penalty for drug sales within 1000' of preschool.
*HB 1896-Imitation controlled substances like oregano and baking soda to draw jail time.
*SB 820- Denies bail if a firearm is present at scene of arrest.
*HB1850- Criminalizes two drugs popular at “rave” parties.

GOOD BILLS - we support these:
*HB1524-Creates exception to “smoke-a-joint-lose-your-license”.
*HB1489- Prohibits strip searches of students.
*HJ 94 Industrial hemp study.
Call the constituent’s Hotline
FAX the House of Delegates at (804)786-6310
FAX the state Senate at (804)698-7651.
Legislative Information Services,

Virginians Against Drug Violence is a voluntary association of persons who
participate in activities directed at changing drug policy in our state. We
have a vision of peace, which recognizes that imprisonment and other
dehumanizing methods are not good ways to achieve temperance.
For more information call or write:
Lennice Werth at (804)645-7838 <Rt.3 Box 692,Crewe, VA 23930>
email: or