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Media Contact Data - Continuously Updated, Categorized

What is it?

The Media Awareness Project media contact data is a continuously updated media contact data set for the U.S. and Canada.
  • 22,008 US, and Canadian online media outlets
    (last updated: Jan 23 2015 )

  • Data is updated many times each day... All data updated every ~ 15 days!

  • now geolocated (includes latitiude, longitude coordinates for most media sources) (10/2012)

    latitude="386873" longitude="-1213504"

  • Media contacts: urls, contact e-mail, phone numbers, fax numbers. Specialized for media (newspapers, TV/radio sites, magazines)... Understands and categorizes contacts: media editors, media departments, writers, etc.
    news_media_contact weddings obituaries information feedback newsroom press_releases newstips subscription suggestions circulation advertising online_advertising owner board executive staff promotions assistant receptionist host talk_host engineer director producer accountant manager administrator writer anchor reviewer reporter staff_writer photographer photojournalist columnist critic art_critic dance_critic theatre_critic movie_critic business business_reporter business_advertising real_estate_writer home_garden_writer arts_entertainment_writer style_fashion_writer science_environment_writer features_writer graphics city_hall_reporter crime_reporter political_reporter style_reporter sports_reporter editor editorial copy_editor business_editor sports_editor crime_editor book_review restaurant_review political_editor editor_in_chief letter_to_editor publisher real_estate_editor home_garden_editor arts_entertainment_editor style_fashion_editor science_environment_editor features_editor
  • Flexible XML data format.

  • The "richly categorized" media contacts (see list of categories, above) makes this database absolutely unique.

  • Included: perl "flat file" data extraction scripts let you easily export standard data files into other databases, spreadsheets, contact managers, email programs, etc.

Sample data:

There are 22,008 XML media contact files (one per media source) in this raw data set, as of: Jan 23 2015 .

Here's how to get it:

If you have any questions or comments about this product, please write: