Jerry Epstein

DPFT President and Co-Founder,
served as U.S. Marine Corps Officer, businessman,
and writer who has extensively researched drug policy option

mr. epstein Jerry Epstein received his BA in history from Rice University and his MA in sociology from the University of Houston. He served as an officer in the Marine Corps, and has been a private investor in Houston for over 30 years.

In 1995 he joined Dr. Alan Robison, the retired chairman of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, to found the Drug Policy Forum of Texas [DPFT], and is currently serving as its president. He researches the history, scientific findings and current developments pertinent to drug policy for DPFT.

He has spoken to civic groups, on radio and TV. His writing on drug policy has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Nation magazine, Reader's Digest [UK] and many Texas publications.