DrugSense evaluates the success of its programs by quantifying these key indicators:

  1. Amount of web site traffic
  2. Popularity of web sites as gauged by an independent monitoring service
  3. Number of new published LTEs and Op-eds regarding drug policy reform
  4. Advertising dollar equivalent for these LTEs
  5. Number of talk shows or broadcast media interviews participated in
  6. Number of new drug policy groups served

Clearly, one of the most easily computed activities in which DrugSense engages is our letter writing campaign. LTEs can be counted and equated to equivalent advertising costs, easily justifying our organization's existence and funding levels. An example of how we quantify the value of published LTEs can be reviewed at http://www.mapinc.org/lte/value.htm. A similar valuation can be applied to radio talk shows or television interviews.

To determine our progress toward expanding reform activism, we measure the number of new DrugSense activists, the number of letters and articles they generate, the number of news articles archived, and the increase in our web site popularity. We count the number of new reform groups developed and/or supported and the number of participants involved in each of these groups. Reports outlining the growth of our website traffic are regularly produced.

Other services such as providing news feeds, web support and hosting, and e-mail list management to reform are more difficult to evaluate, at least from a fiscal standpoint. DrugSense offers free or low cost web hosting to reform groups based on ability to pay. See http://www.drugpolicycentral.com/hosting/. The value of newly added groups are estimated based upon the services we provide and a reasonable cost for those services, even if provided for free. DrugSense uses a number of web page services to evaluate those offerings. An example of how we calculate our services can be viewed at http://www.drugpolicycentral.com/hosting/quote/.


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