Finances and Staff

Finances. Historically, DrugSense has been funded by organizations with a drug policy reform bent, but this may be changing. As our efforts continue to educate the public and the media on the harms existing drug policy are causing to society, other funding sources are beginning to take a closer look at the potential societal value of implementing more sensible drug policies.

DrugSense is deeply committed to attaining self-sufficiency and developing a broad base of financial support. Our ultimate goal is to secure equal support from three sources: foundations, major donors, and individual contributions. For example, we have applied for grants from a several of non-traditional sources, and we have instituted a direct mail campaigns to our members. We have also created a pop-up reminder to site visitors that donations to DrugSense are essential for its perpetuation.

Our past and current major funding sources include the following:

Marijuana Policy Project
Tides Foundation
Open Society Institute
Common Sense for Drug Policy
Drug Policy Foundation
Miscellaneous individual donations and smaller grants

Most major funding sources have renewed these grants or are likely to.

Board of Directors and Staff. While there are no specific requirements to work for DrugSense, all of those involved share a passion for ending the drug war. We are as diverse as our issue, bringing on board those from many different demographic groups. Our passion for ending this war is the single strongest thread that binds us together, and because of it, we mirror the growing pool of individuals from all walks of life who see the criminal approach to drug use as counterproductive, excessive, and unjust.

DrugSense employs top-notch programmers and Web designers, skilled not only in writing code, but also in managing and organizing the large volume of files that compose MAP. The archive is administered by editors trained and skilled in media management. Some of the best writers in the world compose LTEs and publish DrugSense Weekly. Meshing diverse skills, backgrounds, and geographic locations, DrugSense staff, along with its volunteers, has built this organization largely with the energy that comes from believing wholehearted in a cause.

A full review of the DrugSense board of directors and staff including their Curriculum Vitae, backgrounds, and contact information can be reviewed at http://www.drugsense.org/whoweare.htm


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