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An Indictment, Not an Obituary
by Richard Cowan

Peter McWiliams, 50, best selling author, poet, photographer, publisher, libertarian crusader, medical marijuana activist, AIDS patient and cancer survivor, was found dead on the floor of his bathroom, apparently having choked to death after vomiting, for want of medical marijuana.

There will be an autopsy, but whatever the immediate cause of death may have been, he was murdered by the United States Government as surely as if they shot him.  Indeed, it would have been much more humane if they had just put a bullet in his head.  No one should have to go through what he suffered at the hands of his country.

This is a time of profound moral crisis.  Peter McWilliams is dead.  Are you?

Full Text Available here.

In Memory of Peter we are mirroring his web pages... available below. Over time external links may not work, but anything that was stored on Peter's site should be available.