The McWilliams Mall

(Buyer Enjoy!)

A complete online mall selling almost anything your little heart desires

Welcome to the McWilliams Mall. Here you can buy everything from books to computers to magazine subscriptions to liquor to software to flowers to bathing suits to pet supplies to health-food products. 

When you shop at the McWilliams Mall, you deal directly with major online suppliers, and it costs you no more than if you went there and purchased directly. If you buy through the mall, however, I get a percentage of each sale, paid to me by the store, which pays for putting all my books online for free--not to mention my own shopping trips through the mall.

I have personally selected companies with stellar reputations for low prices and great customer service. If you do not receive the best of service, please let me know. E-mail me directly ( ) with any complaints you may have. I will evict any store that does not offer exemplary service. 

The motto of the McWilliams Mall is not "Buyer Beware!" but "Buyer Enjoy!"

So, please, browse around. Come back often, as I'll be adding new stores all the time. And, the next time you want to buy something--anything--please come here first. 

    Thank You.
        Peter McWilliams