Free to Choose
by Milton and Rose Freidman
We are interacting on a medium that proves Friedmans' theory perfectly. For 25 years government and universities ran the Internet. It had lots of good information on it. Technically, any of us could have gone online during that time--and a small handful did. As soon as the ".com" ("commercial") was added in the mid-1990's, however, ZOOM!
It is precisely to meet the "selfish" end of the "greedy" capitalists that we have the well-used, relatively user-friendly Internet of today, and the far, far better Internet we will have tomorrow. Meanwhile, what does the government want to do with the Internet? Censor it. Control it. Regulate it to death. (Also have a look at Harry Browne's "Why Governments Don't Work.") Dr. and Rose Freidman's book is a must for anyone who wants to understand the creative process--whether it's creating wealth or creating social good.