How the DEA came up with 4,000 plants worth
 "$20 million to $27 million."


   This tray hold 98 "cuttings" or "clones." Each of these 98 cuttings the DEA considers a fully grown marijuana plant worth $5,000. In other words, you are looking at $490,000.00 worth of marijuana using fed-math.
   Note that almost every plant has a tag identifying its genetic background, date cloned, and other botanical information in which mass marijuana growers have no interest. The DEA told the press these tags indicated the buyer of the plant.

Here’s Todd, watering his plants just before his arrest. The visible portion of the top two rows in this picture contain almost 600 plants, or $3,000,000.00 in DEA dollars. Can you see why Todd having 4,000 plants is not as dramatic as the DEA likes to make it sound? Yet, according to the DEA, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, this is "the largest pot bust in Los Angeles County history."

I was emboldened to put in a garden myself. I felt
like a Florence Nightingale-George Washington Carver
hybrid. I had 300 plants.