September 22, 1999

Federal Judge Steps Aside, Allowing McWilliams to Take His Request Before the 9th Circuit. 

The presiding federal judge in Peter McWilliams’ federal medical marijuana case has refused to hear a request for a modification of McWilliams’ bail requirement that would allow him to use medical marijuana. 
“We believe Judge King is sending our request before the proper forum, and by refusing us a hearing, he allows us to do so with maximum speed,” said McWilliams’ attorney, Thomas Ballanco. “Traditionally, federal circuit courts handle more policy-minded issues than individual district courts. The 9th Circuit—and perhaps the United States Supreme Court—are the proper forums for our request.” 
“I am grateful to Judge King for allowing us to quickly move to the court that can do me—and others like me in need of medical marijuana—the most good,” said McWilliams. “My health fades daily, and time is of the essence. I am thankful Judge King has allowed us to move ahead.” 
Ballanco says he will file before the 9th circuit as soon as possible, perhaps as early as next week.