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Put the Drug War Clock on your Website
If we had .002 per cent of the federal drug war budget for every time someone has asked us if they could put a copy of our Drug War Clock on their website or .001 per cent of the state drug war budget for every time someone has helped themselves to our code without asking or giving us credit, then DrugSense would no longer need to ask for donations.

We would prefer webmasters provided a link to our Drug War Clock as this encourages surfers to explore the rest of our website.

We disapprove of people putting the clock on their sites because we update the clock annually and regularly revise the statistics cited as more accurate figures become available. Additionally, our clock will work in browsers with or without JavaScript enabled. Many outdated and broken bootlegged copies are out there on the web displaying erroneous information.

However, realizing the futility of attempting to prevent people from doing things that they are determined to do, we offer the gadget on the right which will generate a snippet of JavaScript that you can use to add our Drug War Clock to your website.

Our JavaScript clock will always be up-to-date with the latest figures. Please help yourselves.

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