Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids
Komputers 4 Kids

Donate your used
computers so kids
can learn

A Project of Brea Rotary Club and Brea-Olinda Unified School District
"Our goal is to empower every one of our students with the knowledge and skills needed to perform successfully in a 21st century society."
Dr. Peggy Lynch, Superintendent of Schools, BOUSD

Providing every student the opportunity to learn marketable computer skills would be a major step toward achieving this goal. Students who lack these skills will face limited career options. Those graduates who have computer competence will be more employable, better prepared for college, and strengthened to face the demands of a technological society.
Komputers 4 Kids is one answer to meeting this challenge. We would like to tap into some of the major resources of our community; business, education, parents, local government, and service groups. Our joint efforts could provide enough hardware/software for the classrooms as well as create a student "loaner" program for work at home.

Eligible Equipment


Macintosh Classic or newer
Macintosh Powerbooks
IBM 386 or newer
IBM Notebooks


Printers: inkjet or laser
VCRs: must record
Computer funiture
Overhead projectors
CD-ROM disc players
Modems: 14.4 bps and up
Headphones for Macs
External Drives - 100 mB +

Hardware in Good Working Condition Only

To Donate

Press here for E-mail form or
Call us at (714) 990-7827
weekdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to discuss your prospective equipment donation, or fax us your inventory of available equipment at (714) 529-2137.

Once screened for eligibility and quality, you will be asked to bring your equipment to Esco Rubber located at 230 N. Orange Blvd. in Brea. Pat Sullivan is the contact person at Esco.

For large quantities of equipment other transportation arrangements will be made.
You will receive a donation receipt for your records, and your donation is tax-deductible!

Donor Recognition

Donors are recognized and honored for their commitment to education and improving technology. As a donor your name will be included on decals, placed on computers, in press releases, at public school board meetings, and in school newsletters.

A Project of
Brea Rotary Club

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