DrugSense Weekly
of the Month

February 2001
Myron Von Hollingsworth
March 2001
Amanda Jones
June 2001
Elizabeth Wehrman
December 2000
Douglas Caddy
September 2000
Alan and Eleanor Randell
October 2000
Allan Erickson
November 2000
John Chase
April 2000
Mike Plylar
May 2000
Robert Sharpe (img)
June 2000
Van Estes
January 2000
R. Givens
February 2000
Don Beck
March 2000
Steve Heath
October 1999
Thomas J. O'Connell, M.D.
November 1999
Art Smart
December 1999
Martha G.
July 1999
John W. Black
August 1999
Derek Rea
September 1999
Steve Young
March, 1999
Ashley H. Clements
April, 1999
Gerald M. Sutliff
June, 1999
Jo-D Dunbar
January, 1999
Ken Russell
February, 1999
Mike Gogulski
October, 1998
Frank S. World
November, 1998
Martin Cooke
December, 1998
Jane Marcus
DrugSense Volunteers of the Month
Each month, out of the hundreds of volunteers who assist the DrugSense effort in various ways, the Board of Directors selects one who has been making a long standing committment to the effort. The individuals honored to date are listed above, with their names linked to the DrugSense Weekly edition which describes their contribution.

DrugSense is pleased to send each Volunteer of the Month their choice of an autographed copy of either 'Drug Crazy' by Mike Gray or 'Shattered Lives' by Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner.

If you would like to see your name up here, check out Drugsense's Volunteer Opportunities!

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