Source: Toronto Sun
Pubdate: Thursday, August 6, 1998
Author: David Gamble, Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA -- Two pot-puffing "churchmen" are going to court after their bid for the Tory leadership went up in smoke.

Rev. Brother Michael Baldasaro, the leader of a church that holds pot as its high sacrament, said he and Rev. Brother Walter Tucker have applied for a judicial review by the Federal Court of the Tories' $30,000 deposit requirement for all leadership candidates.

"The (leadership selection) process, it's undemocratic and it's unfair," Baldasaro said yesterday.

The men have received a "donation" from former Tory leadership candidate John Long to cover costs.

Baldasaro, who lives on a disability pension resulting from a head injury, said the main plank of his platform is the legalization of marijuana and the cancellation of all pot-related criminal charges.

Copyright (c) 1998, Canoe Limited Partnership.


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