Source: Toronto Sun
Pubdate: Friday 07 Aug 1998
Author: Sam Pazzano

A judge has reserved his decision on whether Toronto AIDS activist James Wakeford should have the right to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Mr. Justice Harry LaForme promised yesterday his "written reasons" would be delivered "sooner rather than later."

Wakeford, 53, had urged LaForme to order Ottawa to establish a program to supply pure marijuana to AIDS patients.

Wakeford's lawyer, Alan Young argued that his client smoked marijuana to combat "unbearable nausea" and weight and appetite loss caused by the disease and anti-AIDS drugs.

Wakeford was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1989 and has had AIDS since 1993.

Government lawyer Chris Amerasinghe argued that he shouldn't receive the same pot-for-medicine exemption that epileptic Terry Parker won last year.


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