Source: London Free Press - Editorial
Pubdate: July 21, 1998


Thereís crime and then thereís crime.

In the grand scheme of things, a medical marijuana buyerís club, the London Cannabis Compassion Centre, while certainly illegal, isnít really much of a crime.

The backers of the London pot club, Lynn and Mike Harichy, have a history of advocating for the medical use of marijuana. Lynn Harichy has said smoking up to five joints a day helps ease her multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Others believe it can ease symptoms associated with cancer, AIDS and epilepsy.

But there is no agreement in the medical community that is the case, which is why it has not yet been legalized for medical purposes.

Opening the club, and publicizing it, is just an extension of the Harichysí protest of this state of affairs.

London Police Chief Julian Fantino knows this club is basically part of a wider protest and has wisely decided to respond in kind. While noting that selling marijuana, for any purpose, is illegal, heís not rushing to arrest anybody. At least for now.

Thatís only right.

The police have a lot of crimes to be concerned about, many of a more violent and pressing nature than a small group of people distributing very small amounts of marijuana in a peaceful manner.

But the Harichys should take careful note of Fantinoís exact words on this club: "If laws are being broken, at the appropriate time the issue will be addressed."

Protesters who venture into illegal activities to make a point must be prepared to pay a price. That price may not come in a blaze of public glory, but in a quiet trip to jail.

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