LCCC Mike Gray on ľKind Radio San Marcos

Everyone is excited about having Mike Gray on ľKind Radio San Marcos.  We need to advertize this on as many news groups as possible because our listener controled web site that re-broadcasts our station on Real Audio goes world wide. What an opportunity to touch the international scene as well as national. 

The site is at is on Real Audio and anyone with a sound card and enough memory and ram can listen. 

The site explains how to download the Real Audio at no charge and tune in. So toon in, turn on and become active! Time to be announced.

Also I guess you may heard about my new bust on two felony charges for delivery of hemp birdseed(marijuana). If convicted of all charges it can be life in prison for me.  I always wondered where I would retire!

In Liberty,
Zeal Stefanoff
Co-Director ľKind Radio San Marcos 105.9 FM and


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