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State Response: The Lungren Updates

(Then) Attorney General Dan Lungren distributed these 10 "updates" to district attorneys and other law enforcement officials around California periodically throughout 1997. The CCUA site is the only place on the World Wide Web to read the "Lungren updates," which make up about 20 megabytes in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Each update includes a variety of other information ranging from court decisions and prosecutorial briefs to local ordinances and communications between the attorney general's office and other state and local officials. (Some of the longer updates have been broken up here into several parts to make them easier to download.)

Update No. 1, January 25, 1997 The first update from California Attorney General Dan Lungren summarizes the attorney general's opinion about several legal and other issues involving the Compassionate Use Act. Note! You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this 2-page .pdf file. (70,000 bytes)

Update No. 2, March 10, 1997. Summary
Text of the Proposition 215 Implementation Act of 1997
Letter From US Health & Human Services
Letter from Medical Board of California
Medical Board of California Action Alert
(22 .pdf pages, 905,000 bytes)

Update No. 3 (part a), April 1997. Summary. (8 .pdf pages, 330,000 bytes)
Update No. 3 (part b), April 1997. People v. Beth Moore and Dennis Peron, the state's brief. (33 .pdf pages, 1.14 megabytes)
Update No. 3 (part c), April 1997.
Letter from Tulare County assistant DA
Authorization for release of medical records to law enforcement
Newspaper clipping, "Judge moves to protect doctors who prescribe pot," Sacramento Bee, undated.
Los Angeles CBC document - physician's recommendation
Senator John Vasconcellos' SB 535, to amend CCUA (draft).
Analysis of SB 535 by the California Senate Health and Human Services Committee
(15 .pdf pages, 956,000 bytes)

Update No. 4 (part a), May 12, 1997. Summary. (9 .pdf pages, 433,000 bytes)
Update No. 4 (part b), May 12, 1997.
California Medical Association bulletin, guidelines for physicians, Resolution 107a-97
Attorney General's memo on the case of Dr. Robert Newport
Cultivation contract, Dennis Peron, San Francisco Cannabis Cultivators Club
(19 .pdf pages, 940,000 bytes)
Update No. 4 (part c), May 12, 1997. (30 .pdf pages, 1.27 megabytes)

Update No. 5 (part a), June 10, 1997. (11 .pdf pages, 603,000 bytes)
Update No. 5 (part b), June 10, 1997. (22 .pdf pages, 899,000 bytes)
Update No. 5 (part c), June 10, 1997. Conant v. McCaffrey. (43 .pdf pages, 2.73 megabytes)
Update No. 5 (part d), June 10, 1997. (16 .pdf pages, 989,000 bytes)
Update No. 5 (part e), June 10, 1997. (17 .pdf pages, 619,000 bytes)

Update No. 6 (part a), July 21, 1997. (10 .pdf pages, 405,000 bytes)
Update No. 6 (part b), July 21, 1997. (34 .pdf pages, 1.94 megabytes)
Update No. 6 (part c), July 21, 1997. People v. Trippet. (27 .pdf pages, 2.74 megabytes)

Update No. 7 (part a), August 26, 1997. Summary. (11 .pdf pages, 572,000 bytes)
Update No. 7 (part b), August 26, 1997. (29 .pdf pages, 1.24 megabytes)
Update No. 7 (part c), August 26, 1997. (20 .pdf pages, 632,000 bytes)
Update No. 7 (part d), August 26, 1997. (15 .pdf pages, 899,000 bytes)
Update No. 7 (part e), August 26, 1997. (5 .pdf pages, 406,000 bytes)

Update No. 8, September 22, 1997. (20 .pdf pages, 1.33 megabytes)

Update No. 9, Oct. 28, 1997. (19 .pdf pages, 857,000 bytes)

Update No. 10, December 15, 1997. (24 .pdf pages, 2.13 megabytes)

Lungren also issued the Peace Officer Guide, issued Feb. 24, 1997, by California Attorney General Dan Lungren. Directs law enforcement officials around California how they should, in the AG's opinion, deal with Compassionate Use Act cases. (As narrow and arbitrary as Lungren's guidelines are, they do provide a double-edged sword that can be used against peace officers who do not comply with them.)

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