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Why Donate to DrugSense?

You can play an important role in ending the War on Drugs by donating to DrugSense! Financial contributions from individuals like you make up a significant portion of our annual operating budget, so your donation really makes a difference!

Since 1995, DrugSense has developed a number of projects and services that have become a foundation for drug policy reform. From the DrugNews Archive that serves as both a drug policy research tool as well as an "early warning system" for activists and reformers, to Web-based services that enable even the poorest reform organization to get its progressive message out, DrugSense operates behind the scenes to keep the reform community and the public engaged in our collective mission: ending this failed and expensive "War on Drugs."

Here are some of our activities your generous contribution supports:

  • Find, organize, and archive 217000+ news articles on drug policy topics.
  • Maintain this fully searchable database of articles to benefit researchers, reporters, historians, and others interested in drug policy.
  • Organize a cadre of writers to respond to these articles with Letters-to-the-Editor and OpEds, which counter inaccuracies and fallacies.
  • Issue regular Focus Alerts to notify letter writers about particularly egregious or important articles.
  • Guarantee at least 30,000 of these letters are written and published in newspapers worldwide, representing more than $20 million of equivalent advertising value on behalf of reforming drug policy.
  • Provide technical support, Website development and hosting, e-mail discussion lists, and news feeds to more than 100 drug policy focused organizations worldwide.

Remember, it's not what others do, it's what YOU do.

If you would rather donate your time, please visit our How To Become An Active Member of MAP page for ideas on how to pitch in.