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CN BC: Man Takes City To Court Over Dispensary Bylaw
A local pot businessman has filed a constitutional challenge against the City of Vancouver, hoping to keep his dispensaries open.
CN ON: Medical Marijuana Landscape Described As The Wild West
Dr. Christopher Blue sees it "all the time," the senior with a serious condition like prostate cancer who has bought medical marijuana from some seemingly legitimate source, and is seeking a prescription for it.
Philippines: Rody Tells LGUs: Intensify Drug War
MOMENTS after presiding over his first National Security Council meeting on Wednesday, President Duterte called on local government officials to support his war against illegal drugs, warning that unless the scourge is eliminated, it will haunt the three succeeding administrations.
CN BC: Emery Digs In On Pot Store
Vancouver Activist Defies Marijuana Bylaws They are ubiquitous, still. Marijuana dispensaries, ranging in style from pristine to slightly scary to plain sad, continue to offer illicit products in Vancouver, despite an expensive effort by city officials to limit their number with rules and enforcement provisions unique in Canada.


Philippines: Column: Unleashed
Corazon Aquino unleashed the freedom fighter in the Pinoy. Fidel Ramos unleashed the team spirit.
Philippines: Column: Worrisome Developments
All told, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's first State of the Nation Address (SONA) really inspires hope for a better Philippines in the future. The "show" at the Batasan looks so authentic and natural indeed, devoid of any semblance of artificiality. What we saw is what we got especially the persona of Duterte as a man of the masses to whom most Filipinos can relate.
CN BC: Town Prudent To Wait For Feds On Medical Pot
The Town of Osoyoos is currently in the process of passing a bylaw that will in effect ban medical marijuana dispensaries.
Philippines: Column: 6-month Deadline Ups Pressure To Kill
RIGHT TO LIFE being inherent in the human person, the many believers in the sanctity of life are not likely to withdraw their call that suspected users of illegal drugs be given a chance to be heard before being silenced on the spot by a bullet.


Philippines: All Filipinos' Right to Life Now at Risk
PRESIDENT Duterte's State of the Nation Address (Sona) was laced with confusing and sometimes contradictory messages. At one point he stated rightly that the "rule of law must at all times prevail" and that government is obliged to "fulfill the human rights of our citizens."
US TX: Marijuana, Casino Gaming
Regarding "Dangerous drugs" (Page A14, Thursday), the editorial takes note of illogical marijuana laws in our state, while those laws sidestep kush, which is actually a more dangerous substance. Four states have already legalized the use of marijuana, and all is well.
US CA: Nation's Opioid Epidemic Caused by Drug
It is not an opiate problem. Neither is it a cannabis, meth, tobacco, alcohol, nor addiction problem. It is a prohibition problem. We slog ahead, making steady progress on tobacco, milder progress on alcohol. Progress is possible because these substances are not treated as criminal. Imagine the attendance at AA meetings if alcohol were criminal. Legalize it all. Provide truthful education and treatment on demand. It would be far less expensive in both dollars and blood. The drug prohibition is a hangover from our racist past and should be cast off for its immoral roots and proven futility.
Philippines: Drugs, Feeling Good And Society
OUR new president, Rodrigo Duterte, asked us that he be given three to six months to eradicate the problem of drug trafficking and abuse that's plaguing our country. The number of casualties in the ongoing war against drugs, which is hardly a month-old, has alarmed the Commission on Human Rights and some citizens.
US FL: Try This Bold Proposal to Save Social Security
The answer to sustaining Social Security and possibly paying down the national debt is very simple. Legalize marijuana and don't tax it but let the government produce and sell it as a government-run business.
CN ON: Better Than Alternative
At the time of this letter, 58% of people voted "no" on "Are you OK with three safe injection sites being allowed to operate in Toronto?" (July 15). I personally would rather see that than needles found in parks and playgrounds and the spread of intravenous disease caused by shared needles. Drug users with hep C and HIV have sex with our sons and daughters. Though abstinence may be ideal in prevention, it is not always likely. The program in B.C. also cut down on overdoses.
CN BC: Laws Need To Change To Stop Overdoses
Will the number of overdose deaths this year climb to 800 as predicted by Dr. Perry Kendall? According to the B.C. Coroners Service, overdose deaths in the province this year had reached 315 as of May 31. By June 30, that number had risen to 371. Sadly, it appears Dr. Kendall's predictions are on track to reach that unbelievable number of 800.