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US NM: Advisory Pot Question Fans Political Flames
Critics Say Question Is Misleading; Supporters Say It Lets Voters Speak Voters in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties have a chance this fall to offer their advice to policy-makers on state and local efforts to decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.
US MD: Medical Marijuana Rules Delayed
Commission Decides More Time Needed to Tweak Fees, Allow for Cannabis Extracts A state commission charged with launching Maryland's lagging medical marijuana program hit the pause button Tuesday, postponing a final vote on already tardy regulations to tweak licensing fees and make cannabis available to patients in liquid as well as smokeable form.
US: For Marijuana, A Second Wave Of Votes To Legalize
KEIZER, Ore. - Two years after voters in Colorado and Washington State broke the ice as the first states to legalize sales of recreational marijuana to adults, residents of Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., will vote next week on ballot measures patterned on those of the two pioneers. People on both sides of the issue say these initiatives could determine whether there will be a national tide of legalization.
US CA: Humboldt Supervisors Approve Medical Marijuana Nuisance
Proposed Highway 299 broadband project secures board's support The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an ordinance aimed at reducing neighborhood nuisances caused by the excessive cultivation of medical marijuana in unincorporated areas.


US AK: OPED: Too Many Questions On Measure 2
On Nov. 4, Alaskans will make a decision on Ballot Measure 2: whether to legalize the use of marijuana.
US CA: Column: After The Crackdown
AFTER THE CRACKDOWN With its organic nurseries and converted auto body shops selling artisanal barbecue, Berkeley's San Pablo Avenue hardly resembles a war zone.
US MD: OPED: Marijuana Legalization Best Md. Path
Earlier this month, marijuana was partially decriminalized in Maryland, making possession under 10 grams (about a third of an ounce) subject to a citation, a fine and no jail time.
US AK: Four Reasons Alaska Should Vote No on Marijuana
Slow that train down, Casey. Alaskans are deciding between now and 8 p.m. on Election Day whether to become the third state in the union to legalize and regulate marijuana. We should decide no.


US OR: Ignore The Measure 91 Scare Tactics
I recently received a mailer from the No on 91 campaign. It may as well have read, "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"
US FL: Criminalizing Patients
Regarding the Oct. 20 column by Matthew Christ and Dustin Mauser, if health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be fully legal and there would be no medical marijuana debate.
US FL: Sky Won't Fall
When the sheriffs stop warning us, when the politicians stop telling us how they have the solution, when all the insane and inane arguments are made, when all the scary TV and radio commercials are seen or heard and you look down at your ballot, please ask yourself these two questions: Now, or in the future, could I or someone I know possibly benefit from physician-ordered medical marijuana? And do I trust my physician?
US CA: San Diego Losing The War Against Pot Shops
Regarding "San Diego shuts down four illegal pot shops" (Oct. 23): The city keeps closing pot shops, but the numbers don't seem to go down.
US CA: Stop Insanity On Pain Meds
Millions of Americans rely on hydrocodone-combination products to ease debilitating pain. Until recently, doctors could fax or phone refills to a pharmacy. Now, regardless of age or mobility, sufferers must pay a doctor for a handwritten prescription. The cost of relief has increased by the cost of an office visit.
US MD: Put Drug Treatment Where the Need Is Greatest
The Central Baltimore Partnership, a federation of more than 60 organizations dedicated to the renaissance of Central Baltimore, commends Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for forming a task force that will spend the next nine months studying heroin and substance abuse in Baltimore while developing new ideas about how the city can better coordinate treatment options ("Mayor appoints task force to study heroin, substance abuse," Oct. 14).
US FL: Decriminalize Use of Marijuana
Re: Amendment 2 No matter how opposed you are to the wording of Amendment 2 - marijuana as medicine - or its use in general, can anyone justify criminalizing and jailing people for personal consumption the way we have been for years? What is the benefit of turning productive and otherwise law-abiding citizens into felons?