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CN ON: Underage Access To Marijuana A Concern
Clearer Delineation Between Medicinal and Recreational Use Needed, Premier Says Talk about a joint effort.
CN MB: Group Aims To Be On Federal Pot-Shop Panel
Bill Blair, the federal government's lead on legalizing marijuana, has been quietly meeting with advocates for the illegal pot shops springing up across the country, hearing their arguments for how regulating the sector could help eliminate the black market.
CN ON: Minor Pot Cases Still Going Forward: 'Nobody Knows What's
It would appear no amount of weed is too small for the federal government to prosecute as it works toward legalizing the drug for recreational use.
CN ON: Injection Site To Be Secure
Group seeks to address fears as proposal to go to council The group that is proposing to create a supervised injection site in Sandy Hill said it will have security on site to address fears about an increase in drug-related crime - something Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau said is a significant concern.


CN ON: Column: How Readers Would Deal With 42,000 Addicts
It has always seemed absurd to me. It's just a legal dependency being substituted for an illegal addiction.
CN ON: Column: Strong Opinions On Treatment For Addicts
Eureka! Recently I reported it was impossible to write this column. I had asked readers to respond to how I believe 42,000 addicts on methadone should be treated. Then my computer developed terminal cancer and I thought all your responses had been lost. Fortunately, the "Geek Squad" resurrected them.
CN ON: Column: Here's My Riff On A Whiff Of The Spliff
Stroll Yonge-Dundas Square near my place night or day and you'll confront the hidden horror of legalized pot. Phheww. Not for nothing do they call it "skunk." As our medieval marijuana laws lift, libertarians like me rejoice. Common sense finally wins out. A victimless "crime" is off the books. No harm, no foul. No foul? Take a whiff. My pal Al, passing Roy Thomson Hall en route from a Jays game, wrinkled his nose and remarked: "It's everywhere. My son really hates that smell. What's he going to do when it's legal?"
US AR: Editorial: Yes, Please, Beat Colorado
At Something More Important Than Football "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


CN BC: Vancouver Should Stop Aggressive Pot Bylaw
Vision Vancouver Coun. Kerry Jang is not correct when he says that no one is complaining about the heavy-handed marijuana dispensary closure enforcement.
CN ON: We Should Legalize Pot And Move On
Re: Marijuana use carries a costly toll - June 23 Regarding Carol Mary Awrey's letter about the legalization of marijuana, I have some thoughts on her points.
CN BC: City's Pot Bylaws Need a Rethink
Re: Most Vancouverites concerned about pot use in public, poll finds Vision Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang is not correct when he says no one is complaining about the heavy-handed marijuana dispensary closure enforcement. Tens of thousands of responsible adult consumers are happily supporting the many dispensaries operating in Vancouver, and that is why so many storefronts opened. It's simple supply and demand economics.
US CA: Pot Raids
EDITOR: I'm deeply concerned and disappointed in the actions of the Drug Enforcement Administration and Santa Rosa and Sonoma County police departments in raiding a reputable and reliable company such as Absolute Extracts and Care By Design. My husband and I are medical marijuana patients with chronic conditions that benefit greatly from cannabis.
CN BC: Pot Clubs Would Bring More Serenity
Re: "Decriminalization of pot nixed," June 14. Jody Wilson-Raybould, the federal justice minister and attorney general, would rather give criminal records and punishments to those who smoke pot before it is officially legalized. Her reasons for this are not valid.
US OH: Medical-Pot Law Too Restrictive
I respond to the Sunday letter "State needs guidance on medical pot" from Thomas D'Onofrio. I don't think he should worry about anyone using medical marijuana. This bill was crafted by elected career legislators, who are also prohibitionists.
New Zealand: Driving Stoned
"Nanogirl" Michelle Dickinson's article on the dangers of cannabis to teens isn't bad, but coming from someone who says she "is passionate about getting Kiwis hooked on science" it doesn't do very well on scientific accuracy.