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US FL: Volusia Deputy Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man While Serving
Official: Unarmed Suspect Shot In Face While Resisting Drug Search DELTONA - A Deltona man was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a Volusia County deputy who was entering the home Wednesday morning on a narcotics search warrant, an official said.
US CO: Report Says Racial Disparities in Arrests Persist With
DENVER (AP) - The legalization of marijuana in Colorado hasn't solved the racial disparities in enforcement that drug-policy reformers had hoped to end, with blacks still far more likely than whites to be charged with pot-related crimes, a new report says.
US CA: Support For Legalizing Pot Rising In State
Poll Shows 53% Believe Marijuana Should Be Legal; Drought Also Concerns Californians LOS ANGELES - Support for legalizing marijuana in California appears to be growing gradually stronger, amid talk of renewed efforts to bring a proposal to the state ballot to legalize its use, a statewide poll found Wednesday.
US AK: Anchorage Bans Pot at Marijuana Trade Shows Held in
A marijuana trade show slated for mid-April in downtown Anchorage announced its cancellation on Wednesday, citing a letter sent out last week from Mayor Dan Sullivan's office prohibiting the possession, use or display of marijuana for any marijuana-related event in municipal facilities.


US AK: Did Alaska's Vote to Legalize Change Rules for
The question this week comes from Doug: "Hello, I'm a smoker considering a Section 8 voucher. I suppose its up to the individual landlord, though the Alaska housing authority could have some policy already in place. Any idea? Will I be allowed to possess, use or grow in Section 8 housing?"
US CA: OPED: California Legislators Should Lasso 'Wild West'
With the passage of Proposition 215, California became the first state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana. Nearly two decades later, it has fallen behind. As other states have moved to regulate the cannabis industry, California's industry remains the Wild West.
CN AB: Edu: Safe Injection Clinics Don't Bring Disrespect
This week, the Harper government showed Canadians they're serious about "respecting communities," but not quite as serious about respecting the health of every Canadian living in those neighbourhoods.
US CO: Editorial: Fix Colorado's Pot Problems
Today concludes The Gazette's four-part perspective on the world's boldest public policy experiment with commercialized recreational and medical pot.


US CA: Medicinal Oil For The Prince Of Peace
Big business interests should not be allowed to outlaw home cultivation. You cannot patent a plant, only the strains you have created. If home cultivation is forbidden, the number of strains available to patients and public alike will be limited to those that enrich a few wealthy, greedy, morally unscrupulous people who favor "limited prohibition" in order to line their own pockets.
US CA: The Current System Works
Every responsible adult in California over the age of eighteen already has access to medical cannabis for nearly any condition he or she deems it to be helpful for, including stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Google "medical cannabis doctor" and you will see the many inexpensive local medical cannabis doctor options you have to choose from.
US CT: Needle-Exchange Program Was Daniels' 'Greatest
Several years ago at a public forum, I found myself sitting in front of Mayor John Daniels. I took the opportunity to ask him what he thought was the greatest legacy of his administration. He responded that community policing would have been his greatest legacy but that the city had all but abandoned it. Fortunately this approach to law enforcement has since been restored.
CN ON: Treat Marijuana Like Smokes, Booze
Re: Let the cops ticket tokers, Editorial March 10 The Star hit the target calling for a policy change to ticket marijuana users instead of caging them. You could actually get an arrow-splitting bull's eye, though, by editorializing to completely re-legalize the plant.
CN ON: Treat Marijuana Like Smokes, Booze
Re: Let the cops ticket tokers, Editorial March 10 In 2002, a nonpartisan Senate committee released a four-volume report in which it unanimously and unambiguously recommended that cannabis be legally regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco. The committee explicitly warned against a ticket and fine regime, citing jurisdictions that have tried it. Civil penalties lower the threshold and "widen the net" for enforcement. Where before the police would turn a blind eye or seize the cannabis and merely warn the possessor, they instead would issue a ticket. In Australia, because failure to pay is a criminal offence, more offenders were criminalized after the ticketing system was implemented. Giving the police more discretion exacerbates existing geographic and demographic enforcement disparities, which are already disproportionately skewed toward the lower classes and visible minorities. While a few hundred dollars might represent a fancy meal to a police chief or a newspaper editor, it might represent the grocery or electricity bill to a struggling single parent. It has been over a decade since the Senate made its recommendations and more than four decades since the Le Dain Commission and the Shafer Commission. The futility, crime, costs and damage caused by cannabis prohibition are well understood. Legal regulation is long overdue.
US HI: Hawaii Missing Legal Pot Benefits
Why is marijuana illegal in Hawaii? It's safer than alcohol. Don't legislators represent the people who elected them? According to a poll of Hawaii voters by QMark Research in 2014, 66 percent of respondents said they endorsed legalizing cannabis.
CN BC: It Makes No Sense
I am writing to express my dismay at the Squamish RCMP's attempt to halt legal and regulated sales of marijuana and cannabis derivatives from Mr. Bryan Raiser's small business. These efforts seem highly counterintuitive and illinformed.