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US CO: Focusing on a New Kind of Black Market Between States
The black market for marijuana in Colorado isn't what it used to be. Nine or 10 years ago, the narrative of illicit cannabis in the state focused on illegally grown product filtering in from Mexico, California and elsewhere. Now it seems officials and experts are more concerned about Colorado-grown marijuana infiltrating other states, a trend that is seeing a significant upward trajectory, according to data obtained by The Denver Post.
US CO: Hickenlooper Is Reluctant Manager of New Marijuana Law
Gov. John Hickenlooper emerged as Colorado's reluctant supervisor in the first year of legal recreational marijuana, tasked with administering a law he didn't support as the state set a model for the nation.
US CO: Colorado Pot Lobby Gains Clout on Key Issues As
Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment surprised the marijuana industry in October by proposing a ban on candy, brownies and other edibles and drinks infused with cannabis.
US CO: Colorado Cities and Towns Take Diverging Paths on
A year ago, as Colorado cities and towns were preparing for the first recreational marijuana stores to open, most were optimistic they were prepared. Still, many officials held their breath.


CN ON: Editorial: Drug Users Silently Aiding Gun Thugs
Drawing a straight line between recreational drug use and the recent spate of gang shootings in Ottawa is a little like revealing the truth behind the real source of all those gifts under the Christmas tree: Which is to say, the truth tends spoil the party even though we all know where they really come from.
CN MB: The Highs And Lows Of Smoking Marijuana Before
DEAR READERS: People responded passionately to the disgruntled wife of a man who smokes marijuana every single night before going to bed. Here are three of those spirited letters:
US AK: Editorial: A Step in the Right Direction: Mayor
The Fairbanks North Star Borough appears to be moving quickly toward considering regulations for the legal sale of marijuana in the borough following statewide voter approval of Ballot Measure 2 last month.
Philippines: Who's Afraid Of Mary Jane, Etcetera? 'Bye, Claro
IN my lifelong urging that we think out of the box, I have long argued that marijuana must be decriminalized. On August 30, 1983, I wrote "Who's Afraid of Mary Jane? The Truth About Marijuana" in Mr. & Ms.. I got pummelled and pilloried from pillar to post with mothers calling me to tell me what they thought of me and my ancestors.


US NC: Decriminalize Drugs
Poor, miserable, depressed people take drugs. That's the way it always has been and that's the way it always will be. It's a fact of modern life. Our solution to this situation is a "war on drugs." The reality is that it's not a war on drugs, it's a war against people. There is no doubt that the government has the right and obligation to regulate the sales of addictive, destructive and deadly substances. However, it should not come as a surprise that people will possess these substances regardless of sales regulations. It should not be a crime. By eliminating "possession" laws, the biggest point of contention between citizens and the police would be effectively removed. It really is nobody's business what "substance" an otherwise law-abiding citizen may have in their possession, even to the police. The police should really have no business searching people's bodies and effects for these substances. It's ludicrous, it's ridiculous, and it is certainly unfair to the downtrodden in our society. ... Give the police a break. Let's stop tasking them with enforcing ridiculous laws and fighting our drug war. It's not fair to them or to the people.
US TX: Eroding Trust
Regarding "Stockman bill would have banned some asset seizures" (Page B2, Tuesday), if only Steve's Stockman's bill to stop federal seizure of assets could fix bad laws instead of being a political statement.
US OK: Legal Pot Market
Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against Colorado's marijuana law. The concern seems to be that marijuana from Colorado is coming to Oklahoma. That concerns me too.
US HI: Make It Easier For Pot Patients
Hawaii medical cannabis patients are at the end of their rope. For 14 years, they have not been able to access safe, efficacious medicine due to a hastily crafted state law that forces them to buy on the illegal market.
Australia: Legalising Drug Use
Writing for the Criminal Law Committee of the NSW Bar Association, Stephen Odgers ("Drug control needs radical rethink",, December 23) correctly concludes the best way to achieve a reduction in levels of illicit drug-related harm would be to replace the black market for drugs with a form of legal availability under a highly regulated system and to view drug use not as a law enforcement but as a health and social issue. What is being proposed by the lawyers is not radical but has considerable evidence to support it.
US AK: Why Delay Pot Regulation?
Gov. Walker wants to extend the timeline for marijuana regulation. Grace Jang is quoted as saying the "new industry will require regulatory infrastructure that Alaska has to create from scratch ..." (ADN Dec. 20).
US WY: Cannabis Could Be Big Business For Tribes
Editor: Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes could put to good use a large harvest basket of revenue.