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US CO: Overlooked Colorado Law Opened Door
One Credit Union May Soon Welcome Pot Businesses. If not for a quirky bit of law passed by Colorado legislators 33 years ago, during the dawn of the savings and loan crisis, the world's first credit union for the marijuana industry would not have been a possibility so soon.
US ME: Pro-Marijuana Groups Eye Northeastern States
South Portland, Maine (AP) - Marijuana advocates want to finally take their legalization drive - so far the province of Western states - to the Northeast, and they say the first state to do it here might be Maine.
US FL: When Homes Go To Pot
700-Plus Marijuana Grow Houses Found in Area Since 2010 When new residents moved into the Los Alamitos Court cul-de-sac where Roger Concepcion lives, they put up a tall white fence around the property.
US CO: Pot Merchants Battle To Win Holiday Trade
DENVER (AP) - That's not mistletoe. From new marijuana strains for the holidays to gift sets and pot-and-pumpkin pies, the burgeoning marijuana industry in Colorado is scrambling to get a piece of the holiday shopping dollar. Dispensaries in many states have been offering holiday specials for medical customers for years - but this first season of open-to-all-adults marijuana sales in some states means pot shops are using more of the tricks used by traditional retailers to attract holiday shoppers.


CN BC: Column: PTSD Victims Deserve Science Not Censure
Early last month, veteran RCMP officer Ron Francis committed suicide. Francis claimed smoking marijuana helped him cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. The RCMP ordered him to turn in his uniform, and put him on sick leave.
US CA: Get Ready for Marijuana Legalization, or Get
Illegal marijuana accounts for a quarter of Humboldt County's economy - - at least. Legal pot is coming to California whether we agree with it or not. Plan now or fail.
US CO: Editorial: Feds: Act On Pot Credit Union
Federal authorities should move quickly to OK the world's first-ever credit union for the marijuana industry.
US CO: Editorial: Edibles Should Be Recognizable
After months of futile meetings, a state task force that was supposed to make recommendations regarding the appearance of edible marijuana products has failed. But this effort should by no means be over. Lawmakers need to step up and act when they convene in January.


CN AB: Grow Ops Seized
Re: "Razing houses," Letter, Nov. 21. I agree with Christopher Bennett that the Canadian government should be outraged regarding Israel's bulldozing of the family homes of Palestinian criminals who murdered their citizens, leaving the innocent occupants without shelter. I see no difference in Canada where the homes of convicted marijuana grow operators are seized by provincial governments under the pretext of financing law enforcement, leaving the innocent occupants and children without shelter. Here, also, we endorse a policy where the sins of one family member are carried by all of the family. In Israel, murder carries this punishment; in Canada, the growing of marijuana has the same result. Where is the outrage here?
US FL: Stop Criminalizing Marijuana Use, Tax It
Regarding Bill Lane's Sunday My Word, "Why treat pot differently than alcohol?": Marijuana prohibition is indefensible.
US AK: Stop Anti-Pot Actions
Amy Demboski, please stop. The election results haven't even been certified and yet you want Anchorage to opt out of commercial marijuana. A majority of Alaskans have decided to end the failure of prohibition, but you want to continue with the campaign of fear and misinformation.
US AK: Circumventing 'Yes' Vote
The latest vote on marijuana hasn't even been certified yet and one of the Anchorage assembly members, Amy Demboski (most notably positioning herself for a run at mayor), is introducing a resolution to circumvent the people's majority vote of "Yes" on the marijuana issue. Our democratic process is in danger of going up in smoke (pardon the pun).
US VT: Legalize, Tax, Regulate Drugs
I would like to thank the Rutland Herald for making the Libertarian case for legalizing drugs in the recent op-ed piece. The point of the Herald article was that because of the American craving for drugs, we have allowed the Mexican and Central and South American drug cartels to prosper and terrorize the populace of those countries. What the Herald failed to point out is that this case has been made over and over again to no avail. Appealing to the conscience of a drug addict is pure folly.
US FL: Humane Alternative
It is disheartening that Florida's medical marijuana proposal, Amendment 2, was defeated. Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell and other law enforcement officials around the state resorted to half-truths and scare tactics to dissuade voters.
US FL: Well-Written Medical Pot Law Would Be Non-Issue
With the election over, it appears incoming Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, may play a key role in the 2016 presidential election.