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CN AB: Pot Fans At 4/20 Rally Divided On Merits Of Legalization Bill
Marijuana could be legal in Canada next year, but whether what comes next will be better has users of the drug divided.
CN BC: Pot Rally Remains 'Protestival' Despite Dawn Of Legalization
Cannabis users still believe restrictions unjust compared to alcohol's controls Despite legalization on the horizon, organizers of the annual Vancouver 4/20 cannabis rally say there's little reason to end their battle to free the weed.
CN BC: 'Everything Beautiful' At 4-20 Pot Rally
Flying a Canadian flag in celebration, Barrett Blackwood reflected on a time when the prospect of hundreds of pot smokers gathering in Centennial Square to collectively partake would have been out of the question.
CN AB: Marijuana Enforcement Likely Violates Charter Rights: Experts
Ottawa is facing big questions as its move to legalize cannabis use for adults goes hand in hand with stricter laws on drunk and drugged driving and tough sentences for those providing marijuana to minors.


CN ON: Liberals Legalizing Pot Like They're Forced To Do So
Justin Trudeau campaigned on legalizing marijuana as if he thought it was a good idea. Instead we're getting the most grudging piece of legislation since the Paul Martin Liberals legalized same-sex marriage with the Supreme Court's gun to their heads.
Canada: Column: Freedom Not Just Another Word
The Liberals really seem about to legalize marijuana. Amazing. I am not astonished that they are keeping a campaign promise. Parties generally mean what they say, however poorly they think through the practicalities. What astounds me is that we may see a significant measure to reduce government meddling in people's lives.
CN BC: Oped: Marijuana Bill Leaves Unanswered Questions
Last week, the Liberal government introduced the much anticipated marijuana legalization bill, technically known as Bill C-45, The Cannabis Act.
CN BC: OPED: Cannabis Use Can Harm Minds Of Young People
Every day in the youth program at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, my colleagues and I see young people whose illnesses are complicated by the use and abuse of cannabis or a dependence on this drug. We provide these youths and their families with information on the effect of pot on the developing brain. We are often able to convince young people to decrease their marijuana consumption or, in many cases, to stop using it.


CN ON: Liberal Pot Plan Is Sound Policy
In reading some opinion pieces, I can't help but think people miss the point of marijuana legalization.
CN ON: Compromises Had To Be Made On Pot Bill
Seeing some of the reaction to the Liberal government's proposed legislation to legalize marijuana, you may think marijuana users are unhappy with how things are unfolding. I don't think that's necessarily true.
CN ON: Sunny Ways
Re "Trudeau's pot law makes it open season on all drivers" (Mark Bonokoski, April 18): When Justin Trudeau was asked about the make-up of his cabinet (50% men and 50% women), his reply was "Because it's 2015." After reviewing the new powers handed to police contained within the legalization of marijuana, perhaps his retort to a question on this matter should be "Because it's 1984."
CN ON: I Don't Need Exposure To Pot Smoke
RE: Legalizing marijuana I am not against the legalization of marijuana if it will curtail criminal activity and provide a source of funds for our government to spend. However, one aspect needs to be addressed. Like alcohol it must not consumed out in the open, but only in licensed f acilities or private residences.
Canada: Weed Worries
Most of the critics of the new marijuana legislation complain that it will affect people's health and, thus, legalization will contribute to poor health outcomes. What are these people smoking? People already smoke marijuana - Canada has one of the highest rates of marijuana usage in the world. Do these naysayers seriously expect that, upon legalization, the population is going to run out, en masse, and begin smoking marijuana?
Canada: Pot Shots
There have been plenty of articles lately about the legalization of marijuana yet nobody seems to be talking about where people will be allowed to smoke. I smell it nearly every time I'm walking in my neighbourhood and it's not even legal yet.
CN ON: Reflecting On Marijuana Legislation
Re Where will Canadians buy their marijuana?, April 15 I applaud the move to legalize recreational marijuana. It was made illegal decades ago without any health studies that deemed it harmful, and since we've learned that marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, both legal.