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CN ON: Scanners Target Barton Jail Smugglers
Inmates already facing drug charges: police Body scanner technology is up and running at the Barton Jail, as part of the province's efforts to combat smuggling.
CN ON: Residents Ask Police To Close Illegal Pot Stores
Richard Bergman used to investigate people in B.C. for marijuana grow-ops and possession of pot as a sergeant in the RCMP, but now the retired officer is fighting the of war on drugs as a civilian and concerned parent in suburban Ottawa.
CN BC: Are Harsher Sentences The Answer?
As the fentanyl crisis continues to kill people across B.C., the province's judges must decide whether those who sell the powerful opioid deserve a harsher punishment. However, some lawyers and criminologists warn that the criminal courts are an ineffective solution to the war on drugs.
CN ON: Upcoming Meeting To Discuss How Cannabis Oil Can Fight Illness
Modern medicine has evolved greatly over the years in treating cancer and other illnesses. We have radiation and chemotherapy to reduce tumour growths, we have opioids to decrease pain and there are a number of over the counter drugs we can buy when we're feeling under the weather.


CN MB: Editorial: Time To Ramp Up Opioid Fight
Manitoba stands on the edge of a opioid crisis that promises tragedy for families across the province and we're about to tumble into that dark abyss.
US: OPED: Marijuana Is Here To Stay
America's real-world experiment with regulating marijuana has been a success. Twenty-six states now regulate the plant's therapeutic use, and four states and Washington, D.C., authorize its use and sale to all adults.
CN AB: Editorial: Legal pot: Easier Said Than Done
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a mandate to legalize pot. He ran on it in last year's election.
Canada: Drugged Driving: Shaky Science And Uncertain Laws
If news headlines are to be believed, no one in Canada has ever driven a car after smoking marijuana:


US NV: Coloradans Don't Regret Pot Legalization
Tom Hellmann ("Pot OK Would Be "Pouring Gasoline On The Fire," Voices, Oct. 21) is mistaken to believe Colorado has "regrets" regarding cannabis (marijuana) and our end to cannabis prohibition. Every subsequent poll indicates citizens continue supporting the end of that quagmire. There is every reason to believe when Nevada citizens end cannabis prohibition, citizens will not look back with regret either.
CN ON: Cigarettes, Booze Are Legal A So Why Not Marijuana?
Long ago, a higher power put marijuana plants on Earth for a purpose. Free of charge. Most governments and big industry want to thwart this giveaway.
CN BC: Safe Injection Sites Better Than Doing Nothing
The other day I happened to cut through a wooded area in Surrey and came across a disoriented, confused young lady on drugs and in some distress.
CN AB: Combating Fentanyl Needs New Approach
Re: "Leaders huddle in search of drug scourge solutions," Oct. 18. Kathleen Ganley's repeated response to the fentanyl crisis is very disappointing. The Alberta government says it does not want to declare a public emergency because this would give the government unnecessary powers. This position is facile.
US NV: Vote No On 2 Big Marijuana
Question 2 before Nevada voters asks whether marijuana should be fully legal and widely available for recreational commercial sale. Our state has already decriminalized the drug for small quantity possession and marijuana is now legally available for medical use.
US NV: Legalize Cannabis And Teach Kids Good Decision-Making
Even as a business owner and father of two children, I am convinced that legalizing cannabis is the right choice for Nevada. TV ads decrying the dangers of edible cannabis for children miss the point: Cannabis-related hospitalizations in Colorado still make up a tiny fraction of total poisonings and have led to no reported deaths.
US NV: 'Recreational' Does Not Equal Drug Abuse
On Question 2: We're considering here a plant that has been used in every recorded civilization and I can't really believe that the U.S. of A. got onto a magic secret in 1930 that made it worthwhile to destroy lives for its possession. Even now, in many states, if police confiscate assets in a search, they don't need to return these assets if the case is lost or not pursued. While this often does not include actual plant material, it does often include cash. Legislation encourages state/federal tension.