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US WA: Millions Expected In State Pot Taxes Into Mid-2019
Council Warns Projections Could Change Won't Fill Budget Gap OLYMPIA (AP) - The state's legal recreational marijuana market is expected to bring in about $636 million in taxes to state coffers through the middle of 2019, according to an economic forecast released Thursday.
US NM: Pot Legalization Falls Short With Nm Voters
Support for Change Strongest Among Young Respondents A proposed constitutional change legalizing marijuana never made it to this year's ballot, but it looks like it would have been a hard sell with voters anyway.
US DC: Poll: DC Is Poised To Legalize Pot
Almost Two-Thirds of Likely Voters Back Measure on Nov. 4 Ballot Voters in the District of Columbia are poised to follow Colorado and Washington state into a closely watched experiment to legalize marijuana, according to a new NBC4/Washington Post/ Marist poll.
US WI: Mike Koval: Acknowledge Failure Of Marijuana Laws
Madison Police Chief Mike Koval came out in support of legalizing marijuana last week. Below, you'll find some of his expanded comments from an interview with the State Journal in which he endorsed legalizing the drug and using tax revenue from its sale to support drug treatment programs.


US MA: Medical Marijuana Advocates' Growing Impatience
Matt Allen, the man behind the state's medical marijuana law, is all done holding his tongue. Almost two years after voters passed that ballot question, Allen notes, this state isn't even close to having, in his felicitously turned phrase, "seeds in the ground."
US MA: OPED: Like Big Tobacco, Big Marijuana Will Drive
Proponents of legalization and other drug policy reforms make some important points. It is true that most people who try drugs do not get addicted --- they stop after using a few times. It is also true - --- and regrettable --- that America's incarceration rate is embarrassingly high and that blacks and Latinos bear the brunt of harsh arrest policies. And, finally, despite our best efforts, fully eradicating drug use and its consequences remains a distant dream.
US NM: Column: When Will We Really Listen to the Experts on
New Study Says That Legalizing All Drugs Is the Smart Thing to Do Here's a riddle: How many knowledgeable people does it take to suggest a policy change before society adopts their sage advice?
US CO: Column: Is There Weed That Works Like Viagra?
Dear Stoner: I am 68 and do not use any doctor-prescribed drugs. It's my opinion that if you do, you have started down the wrong path. Now, I have not smoked marijuana since the early 1970s; I didn't like the taste and smell. But recently I have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with a young woman. Do you know of a type of weed that could be a substitute, or somewhat of a substitute, for Viagra?


CN AB: Pot, Tobacco, Booze
Re "Trudeau defends pot legalization (Jessica Hume, Sept. 12): Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney's comment that "unregulated, unlicensed grow-ops in neighbourhoods will make drugs more accessible and put kids at risk" describes perfectly the current situation.
US TN: Legalize Drugs
Let me be clear from the start. I hate drugs. I hate what drugs do to the individual and the family and I do not believe anyone should take any drug not prescribed. With that said, I firmly believe all drugs should be made legal.
US PA: Pennsylvania Can Have Country's Best Medical
Pennsylvania has not only become part of the national movement to legalize medical marijuana, but has shown the rest of the country what a really well written bill looks like. SB 1182 is considered the best in the country. It's so good that the Senate floor vote on Sept 16 should be 46-4 or better. It was voted out of the law and justice committee unanimously.
US DC: When Police Seize Property
The Sept. 11 editorial "The sheriffs of Nottingham" said that Congress and the states should demand that forfeited assets not be used to fund police operations and that they should limit the application of civil forfeiture to kingpins. Both of these recommendations are wrong. It is altogether right that cash and other property forfeited by lawbreakers be used to help enforce the law. And it would be wrong to limit forfeiture to kingpins. Why should small-time criminals get a pass? There are many more small-timers than kingpins. The instruments and fruits of their crimes should be forfeited, too.
US FL: An Antidote To Nonsense
One of the best reasons to support Amendment 2 is that it would end the criminalization of severe pain patients and begin to show voters that the monsters-under-the-bed stories they've been told all their lives about cannabis are nonsense.
US FL: Read It For Yourself
Re: Sept. 10, Commentary The former justices provide virtually no quotations from Amendment 2 to support anything they say. 'Most voters don't have the time or inclination,' they say, 'to read the full text of the actual amendment. We have read the amendment and studied its impact. And we are troubled.'
US TN: Money Can Be Made By Pot Legalization
I thoroughly enjoyed your article concerning the growing amount of pot dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. It was interesting to learn about the large profit margins these businesses enjoy.