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US FL: Pill Mill Owners Turn Snitch To Cut Jail Time
TAMPA - Not so long ago, they ran what authorities described as the most active pill mill in the United States, and now they are getting out from under long prison sentences by helping prosecutors jail other pill pushers.
US: Marijuana Use Now Legal in Nation's Capital
The District of Columbia has joined an exclusive American club: Residents of the nation's capital can now legally grow and consume recreational marijuana in their homes.
US AK: Panel to Consider Limiting Alaska Households to 12
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - A House committee is trying to determine how much pot can be grown at one house.
US WA: Pot Charges 'Overzealous,' Federal Jury Told During
The fate of three people accused of growing and dealing marijuana out of their rural Stevens County home will soon be in the hands of a federal jury.


US AK: Column: Is It Illegal to Consume Cannabis in Alaska
"Park Ranger" (not an actual park ranger) wonders about herb and the great outdoors: "What's the regulation or position for state parks and pot? I ask this question because I live right at the door of Chugach State Park. So if public consumption and sales are illegal in Anchorage, whoever smokes or eats brownies can just go for a hike around Flattop and such? Or does Alaska State Parks have some regulations now?"
US CT: OPED: D.C. Pot Games
Amid all the uncertainties surrounding the legalization of marijuana in the District of Columbia, a few things are clear. Among them is that Congress has better things to do than meddle in the purely local affairs of the District.
US CA: Editorial: Don't Reverse Course On Prop. 47
A proposal to collect DNA from people convicted of some misdemeanors is a bad idea. Less than three months ago, California voters adopted Proposition 47, an initiative that reduced six felonies to misdemeanors. By far, most of the affected crimes are for drug possession.
CN PI: No Excuse For Strip-Searching High Schooler
(An editorial from the Toronto Star distributed by The Canadian Press.) Quebec's education minister has stepped back from defending the strip-searching of a 15-year-old girl at school. Provincial officials now say they'll review rules that were used to justify taking such an extreme measure.


US MI: War on 'Spirit of Truth'
Steve Siebold's point is well taken ("Time To Legalize Marijuana," Feb. 28), however, the problem isn't the war on drugs but rather the war on a relatively safe God-given plant... More specifically a war against the "spirit of truth."
US MI: Pot No 'Gateway'
If marijuana is a gateway drug what is baby aspirin? If marijuana was truly being treated like a medicine, where are the privacy protections that come with all drugs? Do you need a state sponsored card to eat your anti depressants? Your sleeping pills?
US AK: Pot Prohibition Is Over
Kevin Coe's point is well taken ("Sorry, high rollers," ADN, Feb. 27). However, with hundreds of regulated stores selling cannabis in Colorado, we're talking mere technicalities.
US CT: Medical Marijuana Can Improve Quality of Life
I am fully supportive of the proposed House Bill 5892. I think it is important that Connecticut legislators be aware of the positive changes that could potentially take place for many families, should this bill be passed. Unfortunately, I know of many ill children who could benefit from the use of medical marijuana if it were legal.
US AK: Majority Rules, Wasilla
In regard to Wasilla enacting strict new marijuana rules: Will that town be micromanaging gun laws as well? America. Home of the opinionated. If you really want to do something impressive, Wasilla dear, why don't you close your bars? By the way, what's your take on the gay marriage thing? Would my sister and her wife be allowed to walk on your streets? When the majority passes a law, you are just as bound to it as anyone. It seems incredibly illegal of you to think you can simply circumvent the majority rule. I, for one, am most assuredly speaking out.
US OH: Don't Create Marijuana Cartel In Ohio
Your Feb. 15 editorial "No cartel" is spot on, and Ohio voters should pay close attention. Legalization of marijuana in Ohio for whatever use is inevitable. But if ResponsibleOhio's ballot initiative succeeds, Ohio's constitution would be amended to establish a monopoly of growers, testers, and distributors.
US SD: Legalizing 'Mind-Altering' Drugs Bad Idea
Good for the North Dakota House defeating legalizing medicinal use of marijuana (aka 'pot'). The legislator who introduced the bill made the uneducated argument that "this is not a drug issue but a quality of life issue for the people of North Dakota." Oh, really.