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US CA: Drug Raid on Downtown Chico Business Nets
Staff Reports Chico - A nearly year-long investigation resulted in a raid Tuesday on a downtown business that police say netted marijuana-refining equipment for sale and landed three men in jail.
Canada: Ottawa To Leave Injection-Site Law As Is
Philpott Says Effects of Respect for Communities Act - Introduced in 2015 - Being Monitored, Leaves Door Open to Changes If Needed
CN ON: Stirring The Pot
Starting Wednesday, medical users can grow it - but will it last? They may call it weed, but what grows in Laurie MacEachern's plot is more like the lush fields of corn near her rural home, southeast of Ottawa, than the goldenrod and wild parsnip in the ditch.
CN BC: Rats Stay Dopey On Medicinal Part Of Pot, UBC Study Finds
Apparent laziness caused by the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana persists even when the same amount of pot's medicinal component is added, a new study suggests.


US PA: OPED: Marijuana Policies Mired In The 1970s
The federal government has for years employed a bizarre circular logic when it comes to marijuana. Officially deemed to have a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical application, marijuana is listed by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act - on a par with heroin and LSD. Yet that very listing has severely limited the research that could settle the question of whether marijuana does indeed have therapeutic value, as attested to by countless ... ailing people and their physicians who report anecdotally that marijuana eases suffering.
US OK: Editorial: Fumbling On Medical Marijuana
It's A Bad Idea, but SQ 788 Ought to Be on the Ballot If Possible If State Question 788 doesn't make November's ballot, proponents have no one to blame but themselves.
US CA: Column: The Anti-High
So I just heard that some people are using high doses of CBD to counteract the effects of ingesting too much THC. Does this really work?
US CA: Column: Not Even From Around Here
Who's Afraid of the Bulgarians? I get alarmed calls every week about the Bulgarians. They're paying exorbitant sums for property in Petrolia, Bridgeville and Alderpoint, I'm told. They're jogging along rural roads with automatic rifles strapped to their backs, according to one woman at a recent community meeting. They're buying out family ranches and slowly taking over the county. And - although absolutely no proof has been offered from either my tipsters or law enforcement - they're all somehow connected to an organized crime cartel.


US CA: Pot's Not Dangerous
The California State Sheriffs' Association claims marijuana seriously impairs driving and has other adverse consequences. Yet researchers find that while obviously inadvisable, marijuana only modestly affects driving (Journal of Drug And Alcohol Dependence, June 23, 2016).
New Zealand: Marijuana Relief
It's interesting being a criminal. I spent the past 30 years being a relatively model citizen. Then I got diagnosed with terminal cancer in multiple sites. I have turned into a criminal to survive, thrive and stay alive.
US AR: Nothing Off The Table
While spending endless hours in a waiting room at UAMS I've now read multiple anti-medical marijuana editorials printed in the course of a couple of weeks. It must be nice to have your own bully pulpit. Please excuse my tardiness in responding. I volunteer as a cancer patient advocate and I've been kind of busy.
US CA: Draconian Laws
I often do not agree with Debra J. Saunders; however, I found her views regarding use of marijuana to be spoton. The fact that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug, by the Drug Enforcement Administration, is outrageous.
US CA: Marijuana Simply Must Be Legalized
During my long medical career, I campaigned against nicotine, excessive alcohol and drug use. I use none. Marijuana, however, must be legalized. Its effects are certainly less than alcohol.
CN BC: Itas Not Too Late On Pot
I wish to express my gratitude for the "Our View" item in the Aug. 13 PNR, Time not on their side.
US DC: The DEA's Crusade Against Pot
The Aug. 16 editorial "Don't reclassify marijuana yet - research it" would have benefited from more research itself. The Drug Enforcement Administration's refusal to reschedule cannabis has nothing to do with health, for if it cared about safety, it would need look no further than itself. You're more likely to be shot by a DEA agent than you are to die from an overdose of pot because the latter has never happened. The burden of proof has unjustly fallen on legalization advocates; initially convicted by racism and xenophobia, cannabis has been proclaimed guilty until proved innocent.