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US OH: Pro-Pot Group Submits More Than 95k Signatures
ResponsibleOhio Needs 29,509 Valid Signatures to Get Issue on Ballot. COLUMBUS - The campaign to legalize marijuana in Ohio turned in more than 95,500 supplemental petition signatures on Thursday in a last push to make the statewide ballot in November.
US OH: Tension Grows As Signatures Filed Again
Backers of a proposed marijuana-legalization amendment filed 95,572 additional signatures with the state on Thursday, probably enough to qualify the issue for the Nov. 3 ballot.
CN ON: Pot Doc's Trial Delayed
Appeal Hearings The trial date for a Coe Hill doctor related to his involvement with medical marijuana prescriptions has been snarled by appeal hearings.
CN BC: Medical Pot Dispensers Look To Kimberley
Ever since granting a business license for Tamarack Dispensaries - which will sell medical marijuana tinctures and edibles for those with prescriptions - Kimberley has been attracting a lot of attention and interest from those looking to set up medical marijuana businesses.


US CA: OPED: Protecting Our Kids From Pot
Research has yet to show that marijuana cures a single disease. In fact, it is a disease of addiction that is deceiving America's youth, who, without intervention, will likely end up with poor grades, lack of motivation and, as research clearly shows, significant mental illnesses.
US CA: Editorial: California Creeps Toward Legalization
If current trends hold, it is likely that California will soon legalize marijuana for recreational use if not in 2016, then in the not-too-distant future. To prepare for this eventuality, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy, chaired by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, was established in 2013 to analyze questions and policy issues arising from legalization. The commission released its final report last week, and the results are a mixed bag.
CN BC: Harperas Drug Strategies Wonat Win In Vancouver
The City of Vancouver is showing itself to be a trailblazer, leading the way for other Canadian cities grappling with controversial social challenges. The city, having recently moved to regulate cannabis dispensaries and, a dozen years ago, opening North America's first legal supervised injection drug site, has created templates for other municipalities that now want to deploy harm-reduction strategies to deal with the scourge of drugs.
US CA: Editorial: Growing Pot Outdoors Is Indeed a Waste of
To hear local medical marijuana advocates tell it, they are martyrs and misunderstood victims of misplaced drought-shaming.


US CA: Pot Put Into Perspective
In last week's story "Pot 2.0," why are the only sources cited law enforcement officials who have a vested interest in keeping marijuana prohibition going?
US MI: Marijuana Dispensaries Save Lives
According to the Center For Disease Control, 44 people die from prescription opioid overdoses every day in the United States. In 2013, more than 16,000 people fatally overdosed on prescription painkillers.
CN AB: Macros Closure Sad
The closure of The Mobil Access Compassionate Resources Organization Society's dispensary goes to show in numerous cases the law does not understand what or why it is enforcing a law that often is not supported by the majority of people.
US CA: Prohibition Didn't Work for Booze, Doesn't
Since the beginning of human commerce, the basic law of supply and demand has mostly determined the exchange of goods. In our country, the demand for cannabis has clearly increased over the past half century. Our response to that demand has been the same as our nation's response to alcohol nearly a century ago: prohibition. That policy was a disaster for all but the illegal suppliers.
US MI: It's Just A Plant
In our July 22 Higher Ground column ("Making an example") Larry Gabriel wrote about a police sweep on a Detroit Medz dispensary, a move which appeared to be defended by Detroit Councilman James Tate. Robert Sharpe, a policy analyst at Common Sense for Drug Policy, weighed in.
US MO: American People Have Created the Demand for
The Sunday editorial "Descriminalizacao" on the war against drugs seems to confirm what I've been carrying on about for some time now. The war on drugs is an entirely misguided effort. We keep blaming the Mexican and Colombian cartels for the sale and use of drugs in this country. The fact of the matter is that the American people must take most of the blame for what is happening.
US NY: Medical Marijuana A Help To Patients
I was delighted to read the editorial "Open the marijuana files" (July 14), encouraging more transparency in the processes for making medical cannabis available to New Yorkers. Our state needs to work quickly and openly in this process.