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US IL: Debate Swirls Around Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana in
DEBATE SWIRLS AROUND BILL TO DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA IN ILLINOIS If Mike Bonds had avoided misdemeanor convictions for possession of small amounts of marijuana more than 15 years ago, he believes he might have been able to enlist in the U.S. Navy.
US NM: Sf Drug Program Gets National Exposure
Law Officials to Talk at White House Gathering SANTA FE - Law enforcement officials here will have the opportunity to teach agencies from around the country about a new program combating opiate use at a White House conference next week.
US CO: Pot Activists Hope to Put Public-Use Measure on Ballot
With time running out to make the November 2015 ballot, activists and Denver officials on Friday discussed a revised initiative that would allow pot consumption in places now offlimits.
US CA: Pot Raids Uncover 'Egregious' Environmental Damage in
More than 86,500 marijuana plants were seized this week during a four-day eradication operation in the heart of Northern California's Emerald Triangle, where law enforcement officials from three counties also reported finding "egregious" environmental violations.


US RI: OPED: Don't Fall For Warnings About Pot
It's no secret. Most Americans now favor making marijuana legal. The national numbers are similar to those in Rhode Island, where a recent poll showed that 57 percent of Rhode Island residents support legalization. Prohibitionists are rapidly losing the debate because the facts are against them. Nonetheless, they continue to repeat three arguments that have been thoroughly debunked by objective scientific research.
US AZ: Cause for Pause: Zealots Need to Inhale the
Ours is a hard-headed world cemented over with firm convictions. Whether you're a green environmentalist or a doubting "denier." Whether you're convinced of the medical virtues of marijuana or are determined to keep pot illegal. Whatever your perspective on the issues of the day, a defining characteristic of your viewpoint is that it is absolute. Beyond dispute. An analysis of 79 studies on the efficacy of marijuana did not turn out well for medical marijuana advocates. It shows pot provides little help to patients with medical disorders.
US CA: Editorial: Pot Cases Prove Measure A Was Necessary
Butte County voters got it right during the November 2014 election. That's the obvious conclusion after the first number crunching occurred related to Measure A.
US NM: NM Should Watch Colorado's Trouble With Legalized
State's Experiment Brought Increased Crime, Car Wrecks and Homelessness I'd like the opportunity to reply to and rebut Rep. Bill McCamley's proposition to legalize marijuana here in New Mexico.


US CA: County Has No Money for Anything but Fighting
At a time when there is a shortage of police officers in our major cities in Butte County, the Board of Supervisors continues to brag about how well Measure A is doing.
US AZ: Why Ignore the Cartels When We Debate
Cautiously avoiding deadly contact with the third rail, we are shy about any mention of Mexican cartels in the context of marijuana.
US CA: Marijuana Suit Doesn't Hold Up
Re "The case against Colorado's pot law," Opinion, June 25 It is relatively easy to grow cannabis anywhere, including Nebraska and Oklahoma, both of which are suing Colorado. In addition, the criminal databases in both those states show that marijuana cultivation, possession and distribution existed there long before Colorado legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use.
US CA: Marijuana Suit Doesn't Hold Up
Re "The case against Colorado's pot law," Opinion, June 25 President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. In 2015, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug despite the fact that several states have legalized recreational or medicinal use.
US IL: Patients Are Waiting
To the Editor: I am writing on behalf of the epilepsy community in response to the editorial "Medical marijuana program slow to unfold."
CN BC: City Using Common Sense
Wednesday's column by Gordon Clark misuses research to back up a weak argument against what Vancouver is attempting to achieve through its regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries.
US NC: Marijuana's Medical Uses Ignored
The marijuana plant possesses an extensive history of human use dating back thousands of years, thus providing society with ample empirical evidence as to its relative safety and efficacy ("Our View: Medical marijuana should be allowed in North Carolina," June 1). Moreover, cannabis and its compounds are among some of the most well-studied biologically active substances of modern times. A search on PubMed, the repository for all peer-reviewed scientific papers, using the term "marijuana," yields more than 20,000 scientific papers referencing the plant and/or its constituents, nearly half of which have been published just within the past decade.