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CN AB: Medical Marijuana Users Wait For Coverage
Patients still struggling to get covered by insurance plans As Alberta moves forward on retail applications for recreational marijuana, those who use the drug for medical reasons still wait for coverage.
CN BC: Driving High On B.C. Highways
As legalization looms, experts say we're not road safe yet As Canada readies to legalize pot this summer, experts including an ex-traffic cop warn we're still stumped about stopping stoned drivers from hitting B.C.'S streets.
CN MB: Unchartered Territory
Pallister government not budgeting for pot tax revenue this year If the Pallister government projects a reduced deficit in the 2018 provincial budget, it won't be because of a new pot tax.
US LA: One Of Louisiana's 1st Medical Marijuana Pharmacies Plans To
The Rx Greenhouse, one of the state's first marijuana pharmacy is looking to open in Metairie. This rendering is a picture of the pharmacy's waiting area.


CN ON: Column: In Defence Of Pot Lounges
The mayor is wrong on allowing legal pot cafes, and here's why Mayor Jim Watson won't support the idea of legal lounges where people can smoke pot.
CN BC: Column: This Is Your Brain On Pot
Psychologists point to 'compelling evidence' of cannabis' potential health impairments Apart from the #Metoo maelstrom and the housing crises in Toronto and Vancouver, few things stir up Canadians more than marijuana, which its promoters claim is the cure for everything from glaucoma to brain disease =2E
CN BC: Opioid Crisis Mostly Affects Men, But Few Acknowledge
Are public health officials facing up to the fact that the overdose epidemic in Canada and the U.S. is mostly devastating boys and men?
CN AB: Editorial: Sage Advice On Cannabis
Calgarians are demonstrating strong common sense when it comes to offering advice on how marijuana should be regulated. The drug will be legalized by the federal government on July 1, but it's been left to cities to determine where pot smoking will be permitted. A survey prepared for the city by Environics Research finds that approximately 55 per cent of Calgarians believe marijuana consumption should be treated more like alcohol, rather than regarded as a product similar to tobacco.


CN ON: We Don't Need More Pot Research
RE: MARIJUANA Can we please stop with the "more" research on marijuana? The only research that is needed is to determine how much good it can do medically.
US AZ: A Real Solution
Thanks for publishing Kathy Inman's outstanding letter: "Marijuana Solution" (Feb. 11). I'd like to add that about seven years ago before and after my hip-replacement surgery, I was taking about six Vicodin tablets every day.Now, thanks to medical marijuana, I take no pain pills.
CN BC: Cannabis Compassion Club Confident Of Legal Win
Re: "Cannabis: City asks for public feedback" in the Feb. 7 issue of the Nelson Star. I want to voice my disappointment with this article.
CN NS: Marijuana Legalization Seems 'Surreal'
Marijuana legalization for someone my age is somewhat difficult to imagine. As a teenager growing up in the early 1970s in Cape Breton, I strayed off the approved path (like thousands of my peers across our beautiful island and millions more across our country) and smoked marijuana.
CN AB: Cafes The Answer?
In regards to legalization of marijuana, I think that we should take a similar approach to Amsterdam in the sense that it is frowned upon to smoke in public but there are designated 'coffee shops' where smoking is allowed and encouraged I feel like many small businesses could profit from becoming a 'smoke bar,' similar to some of the hookah bars around town and that will keep people out of the busy streets and away from vulnerable people, children, disabled, etc.
CN BC: The Plight Of The Dispensaries
Dear editor: If cannabis legalization gets any more costly, we may need to revert back to the black market model. At least then, patients needn't struggle to get their medication. The current victims of the legalization effort are the dispensaries, and with them the patients.
CN ON: Safe Injection Site Offers Compassion
Re: Advocates pushing for safe injection site, by Brian Cross, Jan. 26. In this excellent article it mentions several people who advocate for a safe injection site and express the urgent need for an overdose prevention site.