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CN BC: Langford Mayor Upset As Pot Dispensary Reopens
Langford Mayor Stew Young says he's madder than hell that the municipality's first and only pot shop reopened on the weekend.
CN BC: Westside To Rein In Pot Shops
West Kelowna council set to consider bylaw that would restrict where medicinal marijuana can be grown, sold
Canada: Patients Question Safety Of Medical Marijuana In Wake Of
Patients who consumed tainted medical marijuana from government-regulated suppliers are questioning how safe the industry is in the wake of several high-profile recalls due to banned pesticides, which have exposed serious gaps in Health Canada's oversight.
CN AB: Not 'Party drugs': Council Assesses Fentanyl's Impact
Edmonton is battling a new drug overdose crisis that simply doesn't fit any standard assumptions, council members were told Monday.


CN ON: Column: Canada's Opioid Crisis Is Here, And It's Real
Last May, Ontario's minister of health, Dr. Eric Hoskins, announced that Ontario would ensure pharmacies dispense Naloxone kits to anyone at risk of an opioid overdose. At last count, seven pharmacies in Peterborough are participating in this attempt to prevent these tragedies from occurring in our communities. People using opioids, whether prescribed or obtained illicitly, or their families and friends, can now get a free rescue drug, Naloxone, to be used in the event of a witnessed overdose. These access points are in addition to the kits that have been available through public health, PARN and Fourcast.
US: OPED: LSD To Cure Depression?
Psychedelics, the fabled enlightenment drugs of the '60s, are making a comeback - this time as medical treatment.
CN AB: Editorial: Co-ordinated Action Needed On Opioids
The fentanyl crisis in Alberta has been well documented. The harm the drug is doing to Alberta families, schools and communities has become a major public issue in the last two years.
CN SN: Pot Rules Need To Be Done Right For Public Safety
Regulatory patchwork across Canada isn't helping anyone I have never smoked marijuana. Until last week, I had no idea where one could purchase it. Then someone told me they were going to get their "green card" from a doctor. This would allow them to purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes. No pressing medical reason, they just wanted to buy weed.


CN BC: Opioid Addiction Treatment Should Be Made A Priority
Gordon Clark's Feb. 6 column contains two errors: He assumes that we can 1) enforce or 2) educate our way out of this opioid crisis. Such assumptions have been made for decades and have perpetuated the opioid epidemic.
CN BC: Speed Up Legal Access To Cannabis
I find our government's action in easing access to alcohol surprising, especially in consideration of the extreme caution shown in regard to providing legal access to cannabis.
CN BC: An Uneven Playing Field
Dear Editor: I am writing today about having the power to be able to choose. Who has to follow the law and who doesn't?
US WI: Pot Referendum Should Be Welcomed
State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, and Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, recently introduced legislation that would place an advisory referendum on the November 2018 general election ballot asking state voters if they support legalizing medical cannabis.
CN BC: Why Enable? An Answer
Editor, The News: I firmly agree with Larry Campbell's statement that "crime rates drop and addicts become more stable when [they receive] heroin from a doctor instead of a dealer or pimp" (Campbell, Boyd, & Culbert, 2009, p. 127).
CN AB: Go Green, Justin
Well it's almost February 2017 and marijuana has not been legalized. Well, you really can't blame Trudeau, because he is mostly traveling to different parts of the globe, so a lot of his work is not being done, but I am getting very impatient and can't wait for my first puff. It's supposed to be very good for you, good for the temperament, and is supposed help for my Tinnitus. So hopefully next time he's home he'll stay long enough to authorize and resolve it. Then he can go traveling. Sure hope this is soon so a fellow has a bit of relief from his issues.
CN BC: Proposed Cannabis Bylaw Is Needlessly Complex And
In Canada we are ruled by law, not by those who enforce the law or wield government power. Council must abandon the idea that laws can be enforced selectively according to the whim or discretion of city staff or officials. Similarly, a law cannot be considered "temporary" unless it specifies an expiry date or condition.