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US CA: Council Scraps Pot Ban
Proposed Ordinance Was Too Prohibitive, Unnecessary, Members Say "Let's forget this, whatever it was."
US CA: No Pot, No Tax Revenue
Re "Hasty decisions" (Newslines, by Meredith J. Cooper, Jan. 28): The benefits of medical marijuana, both medically for patients and financially for the state and local governments, should be fair across the board. In the case of Colorado, the state has shown benefits for the schools and government through taxation.
US MA: Language Of Addiction Itself Can Hurt, Advocates Say
Windia Rodriguez remembers the sting of the words hurled at her during a hospital stay a few years ago. "Crackhead." "Addict." Especially, she recalls the scorn in the voices that pronounced her "just an addict."
US CA: State Axes Pot Decision Deadline
The Move Gives Cities and Counties More Time to Develop Local Rules on the Growing of Medical Marijuana.


US CA: Editorial: Cellphone Search Secrecy
While the Anaheim Police Department never denied having the device widely known as a Stingray, which mimics cellphone towers and can potentially interact with a bystander's cellphone as far as a mile away from the subject of police surveillance, documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that the department has had "at least three different forms of cellphone surveillance technology since at least 2009."
US CA: Column: Obama's Unfinished Marijuana Business
OBAMA'S UNFINISHED MARIJUANA BUSINESS Barack Obama was elected president on the promise of change. Back in 2008, there was plenty to improve upon: a wrecked economy, two foreign wars, a fatal addiction to imported fossil fuels.
US CA: Column: What Deadline?
A University of California San Francisco think tank released a study based on proposed marijuana legalization ballot measures that warns of a corporate takeover of the marijuana industry that could have negative public health effects.
US AZ: Column: Grass Party
Phoenix Open-Inspired Billboard Aims to Educate Golf Lovers and More on Marijuana Legalization Backers of a proposed ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Arizona launched a Phoenix Open-inspired billboard on Monday, Feb. 1 to coincide with the kickoff of the golf tournament. It will be up through the end of the tournament on Sunday, Feb. 7.


US NY: Is Shame An Antidote To Addiction?
To the Editor: Re "Can Shame Be Useful?," by Sally L. Satel and Scott O. Lilienfeld (Sunday Review, Jan. 24):
US OR: Shame On Health Authority
The Oregon Health Authority meeting on Jan. 27 at the Medford library was a total disaster. OHA failed to notify the 33,000 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients who live in the Rogue Valley. OHA is totally rewriting the the OMMP administration rules for medical marijuana. I would like to think the Oregon Health Authority would notify OMMP patients of rule changes that will make most growers unable to provide the medicine they need on a daily basis. OHA is suppose to take care of the sick people in Oregon, not make them worse.
US CA: Gold Rush In Pot Tax, But For Whom?
Re "How pot legalization would work in California" (Insight, Feb. 2): As a long time believer that we should legalize and tax pot, I was impressed by The Sacramento Bee's article on how it would work. I did, however, find humor in the financial analysis statement about "most of the proceeds must be spent for the specified purposes such as substance-use disorders, education, prevention, treatment and law enforcement." Was this portion of the article written by the same people who promised gas tax for roads and lottery funding for the schools?
US TN: Cannabis Realities
I'm sure Dr. Greg Elam means well (Re: "Live Drug-Free," Jan. 14), however, cannabis (marijuana) isn't a "drug" but rather a God-given plant as described on literally the very first page of the Bible.
CN PI: Cannabis Effective Against Hard Drugs
Mitch Reid is neither a scientist nor a bona fide researcher. Reid's claims of research actually fly in the face of science and could have grave ramifications for our youth. (Charlottetown man leads petition against legalization of cannabis; January 31, 2016)
US KS: Medical Benefits
As a Wichita representative of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (KSHL), I would like to respond to the "The new snake oil" (Jan. 26 Letters to the Editor). Unlike the letter writer, KSHL representatives have investigated why America's medical community is enthusiastically embracing the healing capabilities of cannabis. Based on that research, an 87 percent majority of KSHL representatives from across Kansas voted to urge the Legislature to legalize medical marijuana.
US KS: God-Given Plant
The writer of "The new snake oil" (Jan. 26 Letters to the Editor) must not be aware that cannabis has been documented for more than 5,000 years medically, still without a single death. That's safety on a biblical scale.