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US WA: Seattle Sends Warning Letters to 300 Medical-Marijuana
Need to Be Licensed or Shut Down But State Hasn't Set Up Licensing System Yet (AP) - The city of Seattle is warning more than 300 medical-marijuana businesses that their days could be numbered.
US CO: Bank Pulls ATMs' Plugs
The Providers of the Pot Shop Units Were Warned of Federal Law. Hundreds of ATMs located in medical marijuana dispensaries-the lifeblood of businesses otherwise forced to work in cash-were shut down Wednesday, just days after similar machines were unplugged from recreational shops.
US CA: 4 Illegal Pot Shops Shut Down
SAN DIEGO - San Diego continued its efforts to shut down roughly 50 illegal pot shops still operating in the city by closing four this week, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith announced Thursday.
US CA: S.D. Relaxes Pot Shop Rule
Regulation barring opening within 1,000 feet of 'minor-oriented facility' was too broad SAN DIEGO - San Diego officials loosened rules this week governing where the city's first legal medical marijuana dispensaries can open, giving new hope to several frustrated pot shop applicants.


US CA: Column: Marijuana Politics And Alcohol Laws
When Colorado voters in 2012 approved a ballot measure legalizing marijuana, the state did not merely break new ground in the ongoing battle over narcotics policy. It also bolstered an innovative political message that compares cannabis to alcohol.
US DC: Column: Colorado's Pot Surprise
LoDo Wellness Center, which calls itself the largest marijuana dispensary in the trendy Lower Downtown ("LoDo") area, is a mellow place, decorated with Oriental rugs, sofas and statues of Buddha.
US CA: Vote Yes on Measures K, L - County, City Tax
When even the organization representing local cannabis dispensary operators and marijuana growers supports a tax on pot sales, you'd think opposition to the city and county measures calling for the levy would be a pipe dream.
US FL: OPED: Yes: Benefits Would Be Far-Reaching
YES: BENEFITS WOULD BE FAR-REACHING Caregivers are now being called drug dealers by opponents of Amendment 2. As a medical consultant and a police officer's daughter, I am horrified by the comparison.


US HI: Cannabis Research Needed Now
Aloha. I'm fresh out of 50 months in federal prison for operating The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry where we helped to prevent and treat pain, disease and spiritual disconnection. Just reporting, not complaining.
US HI: Wrong On Drugs
Bob Jones may not write silly columns, but he sure makes a habit of writing thoughtless ones. As usual, he uses ad hominem attacks followed by non sequiturs in trying to dismiss Froma Harrop's sound arguments for drug legalization and regulation.
US FL: King's Reefer Madness
In 1936, the film "Reefer Madness," described by the Internet Movie Database as "a fictionalized and highly exaggerated take on the use of marijuana," was released.
US FL: Mother Nature's Medicine
In response to Dr. Mike's Jordan's guest column opposing legalizing medical grade marijuana: How naive, as a medical practitioner, to downplay serious medical ailments such as "back pain, headaches, and anxiety."
US FL: Smokescreen on Amendment 2
Amendment 2 is about legalizing MEDICAL marijuana. There are a lot of half-truths and untruths being tossed around in the newspaper and in TV ads.
US FL: King Is Wrong
As Mark Twain said, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. State Attorney Brad King's essay ("The 'Colorado Calamity' and Amendment 2," Oct. 19) is a textbook example of all three.
US FL: Medical Marijuana Sensible on Many Levels
Marijuana has been used as a natural medical herb for thousands of years, going back to ancient civilizations, in Egypt, India, Africa and later in America.