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CN BC: Pot Aficionados Gather To Celebrate The Cause
Monday's Nanaimo event announced on social media only hours before it occurred It's perhaps fitting that the history of yesterday's celebration of marijuana culture has somewhat hazy origins.
CN BC: Annual 4/20 Event Adopts Political Tone
Some cannabis enthusiasts took the opportunity to urge people to vote in the upcoming federal election
US: Cancer Risks From Pot Remain Unclear
CANCER RISKS FROM POT REMAIN UNCLEAR QUESTION: Leaving aside questions of addiction and brain effects, what is known about the effects of marijuana on things like the lungs and digestive tract?
US: Officials Fear Illicit Drug Is More Potent, Popular
A sharp rise in visits to emergency rooms and calls to poison control centers nationwide has health officials fearing that more potent and dangerous variations of a popular drug known as spice have reached the nation's streets.


US CA: OPED: 5 Lessons Can Ease State's Way
5 LESSONS CAN EASE STATE'S WAY Many people were stunned in 2012 when voters in Colorado and Washington adopted the nation's first laws making marijuana legal for adults.
US HI: Column: 'Analog Drug' Law Violates Due Process
Back in 1986, Congress passed the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act, a law aimed at "designer drugs" that were similar to illegal compounds but different enough to escape prohibition.
CN BC: Column: City Too Lenient On Pot Lawbreakers
Imagine someone held a convention for lawbreakers and city hall blocked off some streets to give the convention goers more room.
US MI: Column: Why African-Americans Are Largely Absent From
When I was at the breakfast for Tommy Chong a couple of weeks ago, I talked with another African- American at the event. Actually, he was the only brother at this gathering of activists and dispensary owners aside from me.


US CA: End Prohibition Now, California
Hopefully, California residents are paying attention. Forcing the black market to regulate cannabis (marijuana) has proven to be one of the United States' worst policy failures in history. Forcing government to regulate the relatively safe, god-given plant is best for everyone.
US IL: Why Treat Marijuana Users?
This is in response to "Low-level pot offenders in Rock River Valley offered treatment instead of jail," printed in the Journal-Standard.
CN BC: Demon Weed's Deplorable Culture
I share some of recent letter writer Rose Stacey's concerns regarding the demon weed and grieve with her the anguish of a parent whose child has become enmeshed in that deplorable culture.
US: No Wonder Federal Courts Have Such A Massive Backlog
As a retired state court trial judge and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, I read with some interest a?oRecord Backlog Jams Courtsa?? (page one, April 7) about cases in federal courts. These delays often amount to justice denied for litigants who dona?Tt get the relief they seek in a timely manner.
CN BC: Legalize, Regulate Marijuana
Re: Put a lid on pot, Letters, April 17 Minister of Health Rona Ambrose wrote, "We continue to oppose Justin Trudeau's deeply irresponsible scheme to make it easier for our children to access marijuana by selling it in stores, just like cigarettes."
US NV: Fox News Lies
Re "Borders on slander" (Letters to the Editor, April 2): It may seem odd to some individuals that I am hardly a "member of the elite liberal progressive class," as, apparently, some folks on the right (and please forgive me for using labels here, but I do so merely to make a point) have labeled me. Evidently, I have given this impression because I questioned the role of Congress. Seriously, I believed they represented the people. The former and current Congress may not be the worst in our history, but it's darned close. The manner in which some members of Congress conduct themselves is beyond shameful. Spending so much energy on vilifying the sitting president is schoolyard bullshit. You may get standing ovations and cheers from the part of your constituency that really hates the president, but you're not getting anything done. And that is why sitting members of Congress should be working to get things done! It is called compromise, folks. It's finding some common ground somewhere and working on it. Perhaps some of Sen. Dean Heller's fellow senators can take a cue from our GOP senator from Nevada. He's far from perfect, but at least he tries to get things done for his home state and for his country. We "liberals" can applaud him for that.
US CA: Compromise
I would like to tell you about my grandmother. She was raised, and still is, Mormon. She has suffered so badly with arthritis that some days she can barely move, let alone sleep. She takes many pain killers and her liver is now in trouble because of them.