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CN MB: Don't Sell Pot, Booze Together: MGEU
WHEN marijuana is legalized in Canada, it should be sold in standalone publicly operated stores, the head of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) says.
Canada: Veterans Affairs' Pot Tab Hit $44.5 Million
AGRICULTURE * MedReleaf was top beneficiary, documents show Veterans Affairs paid out $44.5 million for medical marijuana expenses in the year before Ottawa cracked down on soaring reimbursement costs - - more than three times what it covered in the prior two years combined.
US: Unity Was Emerging On Sentencing, Then Came Sessions
WASHINGTON - As a senator, Jeff Sessions was such a conservative outlier on criminal justice issues that he pushed other Republicans to the forefront of his campaign to block a sentencing overhaul, figuring they would be taken more seriously.
US: Mixed Grades For A Scrapped Drug Policy
When Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week jettisoned an Obama administration policy that had been aimed at sparing less-serious drug offenders from harsh sentences, he called his new, more aggressive approach "moral and just."


CN BC: Column: Beware Of 'Evidence-Based' Policy Positions
A term we hear with increasing frequency is the claim that we need "evidence-based policy" on this or that public issue. With the possible new importance of the B.C. Green party - we'll know more after the final election count on May 24 - you'll be hearing the phrase a lot more as the Greens love the term like yogis love mantras.
Canada: Progress On Opioids, Incoherence On Marijuana
Legalizing pot shouldn't be this hard to get right The move toward marijuana legalization is … still not as coherent as it could be, let's say.
CN QU: OPED: Needle Programs For Prisoners Increase Safety
Drug use in jail is a reality and reducing harm is vital, say Richard Elliott and Rick Lines. Almost one-third of federal prisoners reported using drugs during the past six months.
CN ON: Editorial: War On Drugs Has Been Colossal Failure
Be careful! This is the message to users of illegal drugs from a community-wide education and awareness campaign that includes a website, .


CN MB: Booze Is Worse
In Larry Comeau's letter he quotes a report that marijuana related ER visits in Colorado among kids have quadrupled since legalization. Previously, marijuana possession and use was a felony. It might just be the increase in visits to the ER since legalization has something to do with users in Colorado no longer fearing prosecution if they seek help while under the influence. Is it not possible that mental illness issues in general are on the rise in young people unrelated to marijuana use? It would certainly seem so according to many recent studies.
CN BC: Marijuana Can Help Our Economy
Editor: This is in response to D. Simpson's letter in The Daily Courier on Monday, May 15, citing Matthew 15:11, "It's not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth."
CN BC: Marijuana Is Part Of God's World
Editor: Re: Legalized marijuana not part of God's law On May 15, letter writer D. Simpson should have read the first page of the Bible before ranting about the alleged evils of cannabis.
CN AB: Safe Injection Sites Needed In Suburbs
There can be no doubt a safe injection site needs to be in the McCauley community health centre or in the Boyle Street Co-op or the George Spady Centre.
CN ON: Untold Benefits
With a few exceptions, I understand as of July 1, 2018, it will no longer be a crime in for a person over age 18 to possess 30 grams or less of marijuana.
CN ON: Trudeau Has It Right On Marijuana
TRUDEAU HAS IT RIGHT ON MARIJUANA Marijuana has been a concern of late. I am not a user. I feel that Trudeau government has it right. Prohibition of alcohol was never fully imposed in Canada but it was in the United States. Prior to prohibition being enacted in the United States, bars were dominated by men. During prohibition, speakeasies began to pop up and were more appealing to women. Therefore more alcohol was consumed. Also, it unknowingly fostered criminal organizations that are still here today.
CN BC: Blood Donation Refused For Pot Smoking
Six months ago, I wrote you because I was so happy that Canadian Blood Services had finally accepted my gay blood.