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US: The Great Pot Experiment
Yasmin Hurd raises rats on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that will blow your mind. Though they look normal, their lives are anything but, and not just because of the pricey real estate they call home on the 10th floor of a research building near Mount Sinai Hospital. For skeptics of the movement to legalize marijuana, the rodents are canaries in the drug-policy coal mine. For defenders of legalization, they are curiosities. But no one doubts that something is happening in the creatures' trippy little brains.
US FL: Backers: Make Pot 'Like Aspirin'
Doctors, advocates at conference say cannabis is a safe, effective drug that should be widely available.
Ireland: Gardai Cut With Knives And Savaged By Pitbull
THREE detectives were slashed with a knife and then attacked by a pitbull dog when they went to carry out a drug search at a house in Co Louth yesterday morning.
US MO: How A Missouri ''Pothead' Became Poster Boy For Compassion
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has commuted Jeff Mizanskey's life sentence for marijuana offenses, allowing him a parole hearing - an indication of the public and political shift on draconian drug laws.


US CA: Column: From Gateway Drug To VA Medicine
The Senate Appropriations Committee did something last week the Senate has never done - it passed a marijuana reform measure.
US DC: Column: A Drug Cartel's Power In Venezuela
Venezuela is afflicted with the world's highest inflation, its second highest murder rate and crippling shortages of food, medicine and basic consumer goods.
US WA: Column: Veteran A Victim Of War On Drugs
Before he tried marijuana, he thought of trying suicide. Heavy drinking hadn't helped. Nor had various pills prescribed by Veterans Affairs doctors. He was still angry, still depressed, still could not sleep.
US NY: OPED: How To Lock Up Fewer People
WHEN Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ted Cruz, Eric H. Holder Jr., Jeb Bush, George Soros, Marco Rubio and Charles G. Koch all agree that we must end mass incarceration, it is clear that times have changed. Not long ago, most politicians believed the only tenable stance on crime was to be tougher than the next guy.


US CO: Plant The Seeds Of Research
PEDCO's request not to use the half-cent sales tax for marijuana businesses is nearly the most anti-business, anti-development stance that they can take.
US CA: Time To Legalize Marijuana Is Now
In regard to columnist Ernest Kimme's column ("No easy answers for marijuana issue," The Reporter 5-12-15), it's been almost twenty years since California voters approved medical marijuana. Restricting access at this point is a gift to Mexican drug cartels. One day marijuana will be fully legal nationwide and there will be no suburban basement grows with artificial lights and massive carbon footprints. Environmentally destructive wilderness grows will become a thing of the past.
US DC: When Justice Is Unjust
Regarding the May 18 Wonkblog excerpt "How the IRS seized a man's life savings without ever charging him with a crime":
US AZ: Bilking Via Charity Brings Lesser Penalty Than
James Reynolds II used the Mesa-based Breast Cancer Society to raise and misappropriate (steal) millions of dollars, in the name of charity. He gets to settle a $65.6 million judgment and have his record wiped clean for a $75,000 cash payment and no time served.
US CA: Stop Complaining
Regarding "Legal pot's big issue: what about schoolkids?" (May 20): Here we go again. Every time the issue of legalizing marijuana comes up, we get the bogus, hand-wringing about "the children." We are awash in liquor stores and bars on practically every street corner. But somehow, the nervous nellies seem to shrug and the children seem to survive. It is time for those self-appointed, guardians of our youth to redirect their energy toward something like homelessness, hunger, and police brutality. Like gay marriage (something else they opposed), pot legalization is here to stay.
US CA: Marijuana Prohibition Hasn't Made It Disappear
Proposition A upheld, slam dunk, weed is gone! Why is this substance illegal? It has nothing to do with promoting the general welfare, but instead the federal government's intent is to subjugate minorities.
US DC: A Workaround for Pot Regulation in the District
The city is missing out on tax revenue. As the May 18 front-page article "Legal pot in the District is a boon for illegal dealers" reported, D.C. voters' determination to legalize marijuana possession through Initiative 71 is having significant unintended consequences. Because residents can legally use and possess marijuana but can't legally buy it, the illegal drug trade has increased and the city is missing out on the tax revenue it would receive if the sales were regulated.