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US: Marley-Branded Marijuana To Go On Sale In 2015
It's fair to say that Bob Marley probably could not have imagined that 33 years after his death, his name would be lent to what is about to be the newest entrant to the burgeoning legal marijuana market.
US CO: Jeffco To Vote On Pot Ban
The Board Will Decide on If It Should Extend to 2016 the Moratorium on Businesses. The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners will vote soon on extending a moratorium on marijuana businesses in unincorporated Jefferson County, buying the board more time to study the issue.
US NV: Pot Venture Capitalists See Green
Legalization Opens Paths for Investors HENDERSON, Nev. - The frenzy in the cavernous Green Valley Resort ballroom might have passed for any conference of entrepreneurs pitching their business plans to poker-faced angel investors - until an organizer took the podium for a public service announcement.
US DC: D.C. on Track to Reform Police Property Seizure Laws
Department Has Incentive to Keep Cars D.C. lawmakers are pushing forward with legislation to reform policies allowing police to seize property from people they stop, regardless of whether criminal charges are ever filed - a practice called civil asset forfeiture that is facing increasing scrutiny nationwide.


US CA: Editorial: Stopping Prescription Drug Abuse
Eleven years after the deaths of two Danville children focused Bay Area attention on prescription drug abuse, state lawmakers finally should take tough action to curb addicts from doctor-shopping for medications and stop physicians from recklessly prescribing.
US MI: Column: The Pot Racket
Crunching the Numbers in Marijuana's March to Legalization Let's play a little numbers game today. This is not the kind of numbers they played in an illegal lottery that flourished for decades before states started taking over the gambling business.
US CA: Column: End Of The Growhouse
END OF THE GROWHOUSE We're inside a former safe factory next to the freeway in a certain East Side neighborhood, and we are looking at It.
US CO: Column: Edibles Uncertainty Continues, Pueblo Debates
Edible uncertainty The debate over cannabis edibles could've made headway Monday, when a Colorado task force met for the fourth time in an attempt to hammer out some rules differentiating edibles from regular food. But, as in the meetings before it, no clear direction emerged. Ultimately, the group of industry representatives, police, state regulators and lawmakers voted to send the Legislature several different bills in January, reported the Associated Press.


US NM: Change A Failed Policy Of Pot Prohibition
NOW THAT THE voters have spoken, I hope New Mexico small government Republicans rethink their lockstep support for the 80-plus-year failed big government federal prohibition on the cannabis plant.
US UT: Solving Drug Addiction
Human beings are subject to addictions, both physical and psychological. Americans especially love their addictions. Some addictions are more socially acceptable than others. Some are more personally destructive than others and some more socially destructive. But without doubt every addiction is capable of being destructive if unchecked.
US AK: The News-Miner Has Anti-Pot Bias
To the editor: I noticed during the recent election season a disturbing bias by the News-Miner editorial staff.
US CA: Voters Take Step To Help Fix Broken System
After a large majority of voters approved Proposition 47, reducing many petty theft and drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, this newspaper posted an editorial characterizing the outcome as a mistake and a threat to public safety. The editorial asks: "What were the voters thinking?" and then suggests the voters were gullible and easily deceived. In my view, the voters got it right.
US CA: Prescription Drugs Much Worse Than Marijuana
Dr. Joseph Chiapella's preferred article on marijuana is exceptional only because it supports his views. It doesn't address the issue of the side effects of alternative drugs prescribed his by his colleagues. By aligning himself with the Measure A crowd, I would assume that the doctor thinks jail, exorbitant fines, unconstitutional search and seizure and other abuses will solve the alleged problem.
US FL: Government Role
I've lived in Florida long enough to have heard, "Get the government out of our business" thousands of times. Your voting pattern proves that what you really mean is, "Get the government out of MY business, but make sure it interferes in everyone else's business where and when I choose." You choose to deny medical marijuana to everyone. How dare you make medical decisions for other people?
US FL: Marijuana Amendment Should Have Passed
I want to say that I am ashamed of myself for not campaigning more to help pass the compassionate medical marijuana law.