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US FL: It's Not Because Of Who Smokes Pot And Who Doesn't
Black People In Pinellas And Hillsborough Are At Least Six Times As Likely To Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession As White People
Yemen: UN Warns That Political Conflicts Worsen Yemen Food
ABU DHABI (Reuters) - An escalation of political turmoil in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, risks aggravating an already dire food security situation, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said on Monday.
US OR: Marijuana Legalization: Opponents Open Campaign
Opponents of marijuana legalization in Oregon kicked off their campaign Monday standing next to an array of gummy bears, sugary cereal, chocolate bars and other products that Colorado retailers lace with marijuana and sell over the counter.
CN BC: B.C. Wants Medical Pot Growers Identified
For the fourth time in five years, the Union of B. C. Municipalities has been asked to petition Health Canada to reveal the location of existing medical marijuana growing licences across the province.


US FL: OPED: Don't Be Fooled By Pot Measure
John Morgan's editorial, "John Morgan Not Giving Up on Sheriff Judd," certainly has one thing right a=C2=80" Grady Judd is a great sheriff. Sheriff Judd has always been a community-focused man and has continually put the safety and well-being of the Polk County community and its residents first.
US FL: Amendment 2 A Danger To Our Health, Families And Quality
Special to The Tampa Tribune Earlier this year I joined with Florida's sheriffs to support recently passed legislation that legalized a specific strain of non-euphoric medical marijuana low in THC, known as Charlotte's Web, because it can aid in the treatment of epileptic seizures in children. In contrast, Amendment 2 to the Florida Constitution will hurt more people than it could ever help. As the sheriff of Seminole County, I believe that passage of Amendment 2 will lead to serious health and public safety consequences for our communities, our children, our families, and our quality of life.
US NV: Column: Finally, A Good Call
For perhaps the first time since Nevada finally got serious about implementing its medical marijuana laws, a state regulation makes sense. The state's Division of Public and Behavioral Health announced it would not invoke its discretionary authority to limit the amount of marijuana grown in Nevada to between 650,000 and 1 million square feet.
Australia: Column: Industrial Hemp Could Be Big, but for Red
OUT in the fields and talking with farmers it is glaringly obvious Tasmania is missing out on a huge opportunity from one of the oldest sustainable industries on the planet: industrial hemp.


US DC: Preventing Overdose Deaths
Danielle Hall's story, as told in the Sept. 21 Metro article "The drug that turned a heroin user's life around," demonstrated the importance of training law enforcement officers, often the first responders to the scene of a drug overdose, to use naloxone. In my field, naloxone, the highly effective opioid overdose-reversal drug, is often referred to as a "miracle."
US FL: Drug War Has Failed
For medical use, marijuana has far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. I do not encourage marijuana use. Nor do I encourage alcohol use.
CN MB: Fed's Drug Policy Futile
Re: Drug policy seriously outdated (Sept. 22). In a world of dark-ages drug policy, thank God for this sliver of light.
US KS: Black Market
To the editor: District Attorney Charles Branson said in an article on Sept. 7, that the real problem with selling marijuana in Lawrence is the armed invasion of the homes of people who sell marijuana. He said that in the last two years there have been 25 drug-related home invasions, and if you go back five years, three deaths occurred in these robberies.
US IL: Pot Possibilities
Horse racing, tobacco, liquor, gambling, slot machines, beer, the lottery - these used to be called vices. Now all are streams of revenue into which Illinois governments have stuck their fingers. Legally.
US TN: Free Press Writer Wrong On Pot
The Sept. 14 Free Press editorial opposing the legalization of marijuana was laughable. The writer cites studies that show that marijuana isn't good for you. The writer seems to ignore that all of the points he makes are also true for alcohol, which is even more dangerous. I doubt he would ever write an editorial arguing that legalization of alcohol for recreational use didn't make sense.
US FL: Medical Pot's Source - Legal Or Illegal?
Regarding Ray Strack's guest column, "Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not safety," in the Sept. 20 Sentinel: