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US AZ: Discount Tire's Anti-Marijuana Donation Spurs Calls For
Discount Tire Co. quietly donated $1 million to the campaign opposing the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, prompting calls for a boycott by some who want the drug legal through Proposition 205.
US AZ: Poll: Arizona Voters Still Favor Legalizing Marijuana
Despite a barrage of TV ads warning Arizona voters of the potential consequences of legalizing marijuana, about half of those surveyed in a new poll support creation of a system to tax and regulate sales of the drug.
US AZ: Speaker Advocates For No Vote On Marijuana Legalization
BULLHEAD CITY - Proposition 205 is poorly written, creates two new bureaucracies and will greatly reduce Arizonans' ability to affect marijuana policy in the state, Laurence Schiff says.
US NV: Marijuana Opponents Debut Campaign Ads Against Question 2 In
Opponents of legalizing recreational marijuana in Nevada joined the fight with barely two months left in the election cycle, but they've wasted little time in rolling out a well-funded ad campaign.


US AZ: OPED: Marijuana Hurts Arizonas Economy
Arizona's economy is growing, attracting national businesses and diverse industries, professionals and civic-minded leaders to continue making our state even more prosperous. As a representative of business, community, education and government leaders, I view Proposition 205 as an impediment to our economic growth.
US NV: Here's Why Ballot Questions On Guns, Marijuana
There are several ways to measure the failure of the War on Drugs, starting with its role in sending a grossly disproportionate number of African-Americans to prison.
Canada: Column: Black Market To Grey
The illicit pot market is no longer dominated by street gangs, outlaw motorcycle clubs and organized crime
US: Editorial: Marijuana Lights Up State Ballots
Credit Christopher DeLorenzo People in nine states, including California, Florida and Massachusetts, will vote Nov. 8 on ballot proposals permitting recreational or medical use of marijuana.


CN ON: You Only See Demons When You're Stoned
RE: Letter, Legal pot would unleash the devil and his demons, Oct. 6. It is obviously necessary to bring attention to some misinformation in the letter from Gordon Snell. First of all, devils and demons are only visible when high, otherwise they do not exist. Secondly, marijuana use was legalised in Colorado in 2012. The following excerpt is quoted from
US CO: Amendment 71 Doesn't Empower The People
Re: "Colorado Amendment 71 tries to cut down on constitutional red tape," Oct. 4. I disagree with (County Commissioner) Dan Gibb's claim that Summit County voters "don't have a say" regarding the initiative process. Further, stating Amendment 71 has bipartisan support neglects the fact that opposition to Amendment 71 also enjoys bipartisan support, but more importantly includes the private sector, which is the vast majority of voters, rather than a list of inconvenienced politicians.
CN ON: Pot Dispensaries Needed, Wanted
Re Pot store optics, ethics questionable, Sept. 16 I'm a medical marijuana patient and I believe that I'm being discriminated against.
CN BC: Courts Send Wrong Message On Marijuana
Re: "Man convicted for dispensary pot buy," Oct. 4. With respect, I disagree with Chantelle Sutton's comment that her client "was guilty" of offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. In the recent decision of R. vs. Smith (involving a Victoria dispensary), a producer of unlicensed marijuana was acquitted because his products were for medical use. The Supreme Court of Canada made it clear that standing between patients and their medicine violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
CN AB: Give A Voice To Those Battling Addiction
Re. "Downtown Residents fed up with parade of addicts, drunks," David Staples, Oct. 12 I was dismayed with the language used in David Staples' column, the message of the column and especially the headline.
CN BC: Harm Reduction Reduces Deaths
Editor: As Kamloops and other municipalities contend with the current overdose epidemic, much discussion has focused on how best to respond. Most experts agree that we need a comprehensive system that includes scaling up access to evidence-based addiction treatment.
US FL: Laboratory Of The States
The only sure way to know if the dire warnings against Amendment 2 (medical marijuana) will happen is to vote it in and find out.