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CN BC: Is This Pot Prohibition 2.0?
Nelson-Creston candidate calls federal legislation announcement 'draconian' The stakes are high. Members of the Kootenay craft cannabis community are worried federal legalization will leave them out in the cold, and are concerned the new laws will be invasive and draconian - leading some to dub the Cannabis Act "Prohibition 2.0."
CN AB: Usual Crowd Expected At 4/20 Marijuana Event
Edmonton's police chief says he doesn't expect a larger than usual 4/20 gathering Thursday as the city prepares for legal marijuana.
CN MB: From Protest To Party
With legalization on the horizon, today's 4/20 gathering will be a celebration For as long as anyone can remember, the annual 4/20 gathering at the Manitoba legislature grounds was about protesting the country's harsh marijuana laws. Police would be out in force to keep an eye on a rag-tag group of stoners, rarely arresting anyone unless things got out of hand.
CN SN: Letter: Goodale Writes About Marijuana Legalization
Dear editor, If your objectives are to protect public health and safety, keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and cut illegal profits flowing to organized crime-then the law as it stands today has been an abject failure.


CN AB: Editorial: A Pot Revolution Comes To Canada
The right prices and levels of taxation must be set. If they're too low, people might be tempted to overindulge. If they're too high, criminals will provide cheaper alternatives.
CN ON: Oped: Safety Top Priority In New Cannabis Laws
If your objectives are to protect public health and safety, keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and cut illegal profits flowing to organized crime, then the law as it stands today has been an abject failure.
CN MB: OPED: Take Public-Health Approach To Pot
This time next year will be the last 4/20 - the unofficial cannabis holiday known by its numeric calendar date - when possessing weed for personal use will be a crime. Legalization is coming to Canada in the summer of 2018.
CN BC: Is Marijuana The Miracle Drug Pot Pushers Claim?
There are some pretty substantial medicinal claims around marijuana. Children who no longer have seizures thanks to cannabis oil, symptoms of multiple sclerosis stalled or in some cases reversed thanks to the drug.


Canada: Weed Worries
Most of the critics of the new marijuana legislation complain that it will affect people's health and, thus, legalization will contribute to poor health outcomes. What are these people smoking? People already smoke marijuana - Canada has one of the highest rates of marijuana usage in the world. Do these naysayers seriously expect that, upon legalization, the population is going to run out, en masse, and begin smoking marijuana?
Canada: Pot Shots
There have been plenty of articles lately about the legalization of marijuana yet nobody seems to be talking about where people will be allowed to smoke. I smell it nearly every time I'm walking in my neighbourhood and it's not even legal yet.
CN ON: Reflecting On Marijuana Legislation
Re Where will Canadians buy their marijuana?, April 15 I applaud the move to legalize recreational marijuana. It was made illegal decades ago without any health studies that deemed it harmful, and since we've learned that marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, both legal.
CN MB: High On Life
Jim Warren should have told us what age he figures is old enough to join the army to kill and die for your country if he figures the government should be protecting children from cannabis until they are 21.
CN AB: Green Dreams
I can't help but feeling Ms. Leitch's column is not about marijuana but about her getting votes (of older people?); at the same time she derides Trudeau for, in her opinion using it to get the younger vote.
CN QU: Hazy Thinking On Marijuana
Re: "Trudeau's pot legalization a headache for Quebec" (Montreal Gazette, April 13) Certain politicians seem not to be in touch with their constituents, or even reality, on the subject of marijuana legalization.
Canada: Decriminalize Them
Re Why Stop With Pot? Let's Decriminalize All Drugs (April 11): I strongly agree with Andre Picard that all drugs should be decriminalized. As a provider of treatment for drug dependence, I know that drug addiction is a treatable condition.