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Canada: Conservative Pot Stance 'Complete Nonsense'
Advocates say lives shouldn't be ruined over marijuana use Stephen Harper's recent comments on marijuana have drawn ire from community advocates and medical users of the drug.
CN BC: Esquimalt Closes The Door On Pot Shops By Voting To Deny
Esquimalt will deny all applications for business licences for medical-marijuana dispensaries after a 6-1 council vote Monday.
Canada: Pot Not 'Infinitely Worse' Than Tobacco, Experts Say
Is cannabis, as Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper claims, "infinitely worse" than tobacco, a substance that kills tens of thousands of Canadians each year?
CN BC: Medical Pot Growers Await Approval For Cannabis Oil
TORONTO - A number of Canada's medical marijuana growers are poised to release cannabis oils for authorized patients who don't want to smoke or vaporize the dried herb to relieve symptoms.


CN BC: Medical Marijuana: OK For Judges, Lawyers, Juries?
Side effects: No rules require disclosure when they toke up during a trial The B.C. Supreme Courthouse was abuzz - jurors getting high? Lawyers grabbing a toke? Judges mellowing out? Vancouver's downtown glass ziggurat of justice might look like an oversized greenhouse, but pot friendly?
CN ON: OPED: Addiction Prevention Bests Legalization
I heard Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promoting legalization of marijuana and asked, why aren't Canadian leaders speaking out? As a parent, I have serious concerns. Some may view me, a former police chief, as an ideologue, but I've considered both sides of this issue.
CN SN: Editorial: Opinion Hijacks Straight Facts
There's no doubting Stephen Harper's intelligence. The man is wise as he is cunning, and his knowledge of a variety of worldly topics is impressive, hence one of the reasons why he has served as prime minister for the past nine years.
US CA: Column: Oiled Up
I am a single mother running a small herbal business. I make herbal body oils with an emphasis on herbs that promote pain relief, relaxation and restful sleep. I'd love to combine these herbs (especially St. John's Wort) with infused cannabis oil this harvest season. It could bring profound relief to medical marijuana patients. How should I go about getting my product into dispensaries? Are there state regulations I need to follow, or anything else I need to know? Thanks so much for your good work; I read your column every week. Much love,


CN ON: Better Than Nicotine
I know there are more important issues in this election than the legalization of cannabis, but I was dismayed by the comments Mr. Harper made on TV.
CN PI: Drug Dealers To Vote Tory
Recently Stephen Harper reiterated, in his typical supercilious manner, that marijuana would never be legalized by his government because it is - according to him - 'infinitely worse' than tobacco.
US CA: End The Pot Prohibition
I greatly grate under the fact that cannabis is considered a nuisance in Butte County. There is no more reason to persecute cannabis consumers than there was to burn witches, gas Jews or lynch blacks. The foundations of this drug war are set in the quicksand of racism and xenophobia-not the sturdiest of footings. This drug war doesn't fight crime; it fuels it by making flowers into gold.
Canada: 'Drug Dealers Will Vote Conservative'
Re: ' Marijuana Is Infinitely Worse' Than Tobacco, Harper Says As He Encourages Pot Debate To Go Up In Smoke,, Oct. 3.
CN BC: Marijuana Not The Evil Others Suggest It Is
I'm writing you in regard to medical marijuana use, the general decriminalization of it, and its possible eventual legalization.
CN NS: Harperas Surreality
Mr. Harper has been very successful in keeping the anti-abortionists and anti-gay elements in his party under control. But his position on marijuana (the Reefer Madness agenda), and the Alice-in-Wonderland legislation against buy-sexualism, suggests the almost-theocratic agenda that lurks in the Conservative party is not far from the surface.
US CA: Failed Drug War No Longer Makes Fiscal Sense
Can any of you out there honestly say that the drug war launched six decades ago has accomplished anything at all besides building a massive police/prison industry?