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CN BC: Nanaimo Residents Band Together To Take Back Lane
Nanaimo residents living near Wisteria Lane showed city staff and local politicians the progress that has been done to deter drug addicts and prostitutes from using the alleyway as a safe haven.
US CA: Hash- Oil Lab Raids Yield Nine Arrests
Crackdown Reflects a Growing Offshoot of the Illicit Drug Trade. SAN DIEGO - Seven men and two women are facing felony charges here stemming from what authorities say is a new and highly dangerous offshoot of the illicit drug trade: extracting hash oil from marijuana.
US OR: Oregon Starts Laying Groundwork Before State Votes on
PORTLAND - In the months before a marijuana-legalization measure goes before voters, the leadership of Oregon's largest agencies quietly convened high-level meetings to discuss how to deal with it.
Canada: Can U.S. Border Guards Turn Me Away For Saying I've Smoked
I get really nervous when driving across the border, especially because I've heard the story of a friend of a friend who was banned from the U.S. on his way to Burning Man. He has no criminal record, but the officer asked him if he'd ever smoked a joint and he said yes. Can I really get turned away at the border for saying I've smoked pot a couple of times in my life?


US CO: Editorial: Off The Mark On Pot Caregivers
The Colorado Board of Health's recent action on its medical-marijuana caregiver rules was confusing and regrettable, creating more questions than solutions.
US PA: Editorial: Pa. Should Approve Overdose Antidote
Like every state in the Northeast, Pennsylvania has been in the throes of an opiate drug epidemic for several years. But unlike those other states, the commonwealth has not yet allowed emergency personnel a key tool that they could use to prevent overdose deaths.
CN BC: Column: Weed Control
In the 1980s and '90s, a lucrative and well-organized drug-smuggling network spanning Mexico, the U.S. and Canada had northern beachheads in a handful of small farming towns in southwestern Ontario and southern Manitoba. These communities were also home to tens of thousands of Old Colony Mennonites, a deeply conservative branches of one of Christianity's most traditional sects - similar to other pacifist and agrarian-based societies like the Amish or Hutterites. Ironic then, that it turned out they were the drug smugglers.
CN BC: OPED: Health Authorities Are Wasting Lives And Money
Imagine a holistic health-care program that could reduce death rates, almost eradicate two major complicating diseases, improve quality and quantity of life and be more cost-effective than many cancer treatments or cholesterol-lowering drugs.


US FL: Drug Hypocrisy
People are lawfully allowed to buy and drink alcoholic beverages and lawfully allowed to buy and smoke cigarettes. Both of these products have no health benefits to speak of, cause fatal diseases and are laying all over the place where children can easily get their hands on them. Now we have the medical marijuana issue coming up for a vote here in Florida and certain groups are going nuts trying to persuade voters to vote it down. So, where is the outrage regarding the legality and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes?
CN MB: Pot's OK Man
Re: "Kettle black," Letters, Sept. 13. Permitting something is not the same as promoting it. When you say that there is some cognitive dissonance between the position of attempting to reduce tobacco consumption, which kills many people, and allowing those who wish, to consume cannabis, which has been conclusively shown in studies to NOT cause the harms we know are caused by tobacco, you are creating a straw man argument. The two things are not the same, not even close. Your statement that "Smoking marijuana has many of the same negative effects on the lungs as smoking tobacco does." is incorrect. Google Donald P. Tashkin to see the facts for yourself. Scientific studies totally refute your position. Saying so don't make it so.
US WA: Grow More
Editor, The Times: In the time since marijuana has been legalized in Washington, I fear that the state and the Liquor Control Board have lost sight of the most fundamental thing: Marijuana was legalized on a promise to drive out criminality and replace the black market ["Rocky start for state's pot stores," Local News, Sept. 17 ].
US DC: Legalizing Marijuana For A Just Society
While I disagree with the Sept. 15 editorial "Just say no" for a number of reasons, I was most disappointed to see the editorial board perpetuating the long-disproved myth that marijuana is a "gateway to more dangerous drugs."
US DC: Legalizing Marijuana For A Just Society
The Post's Sept. 15 editorial on Initiative No. 71 was aptly headlined "Just say no," recalling Nancy Reagan's message to kids in the 1980s, since it read like an artifact of prohibitionist thinking.
CN AB: Pot, Tobacco, Booze
Re "Trudeau defends pot legalization (Jessica Hume, Sept. 12): Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney's comment that "unregulated, unlicensed grow-ops in neighbourhoods will make drugs more accessible and put kids at risk" describes perfectly the current situation.
US TN: Legalize Drugs
Let me be clear from the start. I hate drugs. I hate what drugs do to the individual and the family and I do not believe anyone should take any drug not prescribed. With that said, I firmly believe all drugs should be made legal.