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CN ON: Highly Defiant
Pot Dispensaries Still Selling Marijuana Pot advocates remain defiant after last week's police raids of weed shops with one Toronto dispensary even vowing to sell marijuana for recreational purposes.
CN ON: Police Cite Health Concerns For Pot Shop Raids
Chief says many not clearly marked with contents in brownies TORONTO - "Genuine" health concerns and "significant" community complaints prompted a string of police raids on unregulated marijuana dispensaries across Toronto, the city's police chief explained Friday after being criticized by a number of residents for the action.
CN ON: Police Defend Raids On Pot Shops
Police 'poorly handled' the event, PR expert says It was meant as a calm follow-up, to showcase drug seizures and justify the raids on pot dispensaries, complete with smashed door glass, of the day before.
CN ON: Police Raids On Dispensaries Spark Uproar
Marijuana advocates decry move as overkill TORONTO * The crackdown on pot dispensaries shows no signs of slowing - - not after Toronto police raided 43 of them in a single lunchtime swoop this week.


CN ON: Column: T.O. Pot Raids A Total Bust
We have all heard about the "grey" zone when it come to the green stuff ... so let me try to clear the air.
CN ON: Editorial: Police Must Enforce The Law
Chief Mark Saunders took a lot of heat from cannabis advocates while answering questions about police raids this past week on 43 marijuana "dispensaries" that have opened up across the city in recent months.
US NY: OPED: Relieve Veterans' Suffering
As a former member of the U.S. Navy, I've seen the pain that lingers after our men and women in uniform return home. It's our country's responsibility to provide veterans with any medical treatment that has proven to be effective.
Canada: Editorial: Dispensing With Common Sense
Canada's medical marijuana fiasco came into sharp relief on Thursday when police in Toronto raided 45 illegal pot dispensaries and seized hundreds of kilograms of cannabis and its related products. Activists were outraged, the police were both apologetic and unapologetic, and, as always, the public was confused.


Ireland: Time For A Fresh Approach To Drug Laws
Sir, As a society, we need a serious and grown-up conversation about the drug policy in this country. I am not going to suggest what should be done, just some facts as I see them. I do this purely in the hope that a full and honest discussion takes place across this republic on how this issue affects people's lives and what policy should in future be pursued.
US OH: Medical Marijuana Proves Beneficial
I am writing a letter on medical marijuana. Many people don't like the idea of it being legalized, but if we could just get it legalized to where only doctors could prescribe it to someone instead of legalizing all of it, I think it would be OK and beneficial to many.
UK: Legal High Ban The Right Thing To Do
The new law (Legal high ban risks creating fresh crisis, 28 May), which criminalises the selling of so-called legal highs, but crucially does not criminalise the user, is the right thing to do. It came out of an independent study into these substances which I set up when drugs minister.
US MA: Couple's Fears Are Real, but Waging a Drug War
There's growing recognition among public officials that substance abuse is a health problem that won't be solved by police or prisons. "We can't arrest our way out of the problem" is almost a cliche at this point, years into our regional opioid crisis. You wouldn't know it from reading "Opioid crisis hits too close to home for Salem couple" (Page A1, May 25). In detailing the fears of its protagonists - - condo owners in Salem - the article makes it sound like the only reasonable approach is to pay more police to put more people in cages.
US CA: Measures G, H Weaken Property Owners' Rights
The dishonest depiction of "the majority of cannabis farmers as criminals" by the Farm Bureau and the yes on G campaign flier is appalling. Their claims are unsupported by facts and insulting to businesses and the largely legislate businesses and taxpaying property owners.
Canada: 'Reckless' Accusation
Re: Pot Dispensaries 'Reckless,' Blair Says (May 25): I have been cautiously optimistic that Bill Blair understands cannabis policy in Canada, but his characterization of dispensaries as "reckless" and uncaring is disheartening.
CN ON: Pointless Pot Laws
Re: No bang for taxpayers' buck with pot charges, Mark Bonokoski, May 21 This column illustrates the inherent dysfunction of legislation wherein 80 per cent of police-reported marijuana offences in Canada in 2013 were for simple possession.