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US OH: Medical Pot Backers Want Ballot Issue
Patients, Caregivers Say Pending Ohio Bill Has Numerous Flaws. Even if Ohio lawmakers act swiftly on pending legislation to legalize pot as medicine, Ohioans for Medical Marijuana leaders on Wednesday said they'll keep pushing to put a constitutional amendment before voters this fall.
US MA: Legalization Battle Bound For State's Highest Court
WASHINGTON - The battle over legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts will land before the state's highest court in June - when opponents will argue that the petition to put it on the ballot was misleading.
CN ON: 'I'm Learning To Cope'
Medical Marijuana Not Only Viable Business, But Helps Those In Need Farmers' plants are sprouting up a little more green than red in Leamington, Ont., these days.
CN BC: DTES Funding Switch Shuts Out Drug Centre
Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has initiated a shakeup among community services in the Downtown Eastside.


CN ON: OPED: Out Of Step With Spliff Decision
I nearly cringed when Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch told me she would undo the forthcoming legalization of recreational marijuana, should she become the prime minister.
CN ON: OPED: Ottawa Dithers On New Marijuana Law
As I took the first draw on my vaporizer this April 20th, I found myself shaking my head, marvelling at the fact that I am now a user of marijuana for medical purposes.
US CA: Column: Forfeiting Asset Forfeiture
Law enforcement should not be allowed to seize a person's assets before there is a criminal conviction and a clearly established nexus between someone's assets and criminal activity.
US AK: OPED: Federal Drug Act Needs a Rewrite Based on
Congress and President Obama are under pressure to reschedule marijuana. While rescheduling makes sense, it doesn't solve the state/federal conflict over marijuana (de-scheduling would be better). But more important, it wouldn't fix the broken scheduling system. Ideally, marijuana reform should be part of a broader bill rewriting the Controlled Substances Act.


US NY: Marijuana And Opioids
To the Editor: Re "Northeast Opiate Crisis Stalls Marijuana Legalization" (news article, April 20):
CN BC: Changes On Law Need To Be Made
Dear Editor: Another family in Saskatchewan has had their CW Botanicals oil for Epilepsy seized by customs this past week.
CN BC: Dispensary Closure Called Hypocrisy
I wish to comment on the raids of medical marijuana dispensaries in Chilliwack. It's hard to argue with city council's official position that the dispensaries contravene federal law and city bylaws, but I strongly suspect that council's legal posturing is nothing more than a smokescreen intended to mask their "moral" objection to medical marijuana, no doubt to appease the more socially conservative element in our community.
CN ON: Legalize It And People Would Be Less Angry
With regard to your Marijuana Issue (NOW, April 14-20). Marijuana should be legal. Scientists who use this drug as a tool might one day find the cure for cancer. Marijuana would also make Toronto a lot safer because people would be less angry.
US NY: International Drug Policy
To the Editor: Re "Rethink the Global War on Drugs" (editorial, April 25): While the 2016 Special Session of the General Assembly on the World Drug Problem had its limitations, and while the shift from prohibition and criminalization to a public health perspective has been subtler than many would have liked, the debate has opened the door to broader discussions about drug law reform in preparation for 2019, the date set for the next major review.
US PA: Reclassify Marijuana
Editor: Medical marijuana has now been legalized in 24 states, with about 51 percent of the U.S. population. Its use it well-known for treating patients suffering from a range of serious conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other disorders.
US CO: Legislative Process Shows Colorado to Be Model
From page 2A In March, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 15, which reforms how pesticides can be used on marijuana. The original rules simply included a list of which pesticides could be legally used to grow marijuana. This new legislation instead provides a list of criteria that all pesticides must pass in order to be legally used to grow marijuana. The interesting thing about this legislation is not exactly what it entails, but how quickly it traveled through the legal process to become law. It was introduced in the Colorado Senate on Jan. 13 and by March 9 the bill was signed and made law. This shows that when legislation is very bipartisan, it can quickly travel through the bill process.