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Philippines: 25,230 Drug Users, Pushers Surrender In MM
At least 25,230 drug pushers and drug dependents have surrendered to police in Metro Manila since the government started its war on drugs, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) reported yesterday.
Philippines: Church: Thou Shall Not Kill
Message to Duterte to Coincide With Sona THOU shall not kill. The Sixth Commandment is the message for President Duterte that will emanate from a Mass which the Archdiocese of Manila will hold tomorrow afternoon as he delivers his first State of the Nation Address (Sona) to Congress.
US DC: 'How's Amanda?'
A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction She had already made it through one last night alone under the freeway bridge, through the vomiting and shakes of withdrawal, through cravings so intense she'd scraped a bathroom floor searching for leftover traces of heroin. It had now been 12 days since the last time Amanda Wendler used a drug of any kind, her longest stretch in years. "Clear-eyed and sober," read a report from one drug counselor, and so Amanda, 31, had moved back in with her mother to begin the stage of recovery she feared most.
US CA: Marijuana The Focus Of Museum Exhibit
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - It's known as Mary Jane, ganja, Chronic and even the sticky icky and has been featured in countless movies. Now, marijuana is the subject of a contemporary history and science exhibit. "Altered State: Marijuana in California," a one-of-its-kind museum exhibition focusing on the topic, is open through the summer at the Oakland Museum of California.


Philippines: Column: A Crisis Of Faith
"LET US not allow violence to rule us but in every circumstance be vigilant and zealous in upholding the dignity and rights of all as befit responsible citizens and followers of Christ" is the plea in a "pastoral letter" issued by La Sallian Br. Jose Mari Jimenez FSC (no relation, as far as I know). Jimenez, who is president of De La Salle Philippines and auxiliary visitor (a regional supervisory post) for the De La Salle Brothers, thus joined other voices raised in concern over the number of people killed as part of the Duterte administration's deadly and bloody antidrug campaign.
US CA: Treatment, Empathy Vital to Halt Painkiller
We now know the scope of the prescription painkiller and heroin problem in Butte County. It's imperative that we do more to address it.
US MA: Editorial: Make Methadone Easier To Get
The argument against using drugs like methadone and Suboxone to kick heroin usually gets whittled to a cliched, and inaccurate, phrase: It's trading one addiction for another.
US CT: OPED: Learning From Europe On Drug Policy
America's drug policies are largely misguided. Many people, from common citizens to seasoned politicians, are aware of this, and have sought to change these laws in response to the needless incarceration of indulgers and addicts and, as a consequence, an ever-expanding population of prison inmates - the largest in the world.


UK: Peace In Colombia And The Cocaine Trade
The progress towards a peace deal between the Colombian government and the Farc guerrillas is greatly to be welcomed (Editorial, 21 July). The terms are inevitably controversial and many who have suffered at the Farc's hands will find it hard to see them pass directly into politics. But that is the price of peace. The cocaine trade has fuelled this conflict over the last 35 years or so. You are absolutely right to propose that governments which wish to support peace in Colombia should consider backing President Juan Manuel Santos's efforts to reform the UN system of drugs prohibition and open the door to experiments in regulated markets in drugs like cocaine, just as is already happening with cannabis.
Australia: We Won't Win 'Drug War'
In his article, "Why more drug consumption rooms are a must" (Comment, July 20, p14), Ross Fitzgerald highlights beautifully what is wrong with our current policy approach to illicit drugs.
US MA: For Chronic Disease of Addiction, Methadone Is
In "Life and loss on Methadone Mile" Nestor Ramos and Evan Allen describe the chaos and power of active addiction. The article focuses on the very visible individuals who continue to struggle with active heroin addiction or with misuse of prescription medications. What is missing is a narrative of hope for a disease that is as treatable as hypertension or asthma.
US AZ: Foes of Legalized Marijuana Either Misreading
The Leibsohn/Polk Op-Ed column ("Recreational marijuana? The price is too high") states in part that under the initiative to legalize marijuana "showing up for work impaired by marijuana would be shielded from discipline until the commission of an act of negligence or malpractice" and "any driver with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 percent is legally drunk. The Arizona law would prohibit a THC limit from ever being set."
US AZ: Ending the Drug War Would Help Bridge
After all the police shootings, only the Libertarian Party provided a viable solution: "If we truly want to reduce situations in which police are pitted against the people they are sworn to protect, we would end the war on drugs. The constant escalation of prohibitionist policies have increasingly pitted police and citizens against each other for decades and are largely responsible for the militarization of police forces across America.
US CA: Marijuana Enforcement
EDITOR: The search planes are flying all over California. Special squads tromp over hill and dale. Neighbors are complaining about the stench. Record numbers of marijuana plants are often cut in their prime and burned to the great satisfaction of the enforcers. Meanwhile growers are no doubt hiding in bed with fingers crossed. Their mantra: Please let my crops be untouched. Give me hope until after this important election.
US CA: End This War, Too
One of the benefits of ending the bankrupt war on marijuana would be making money available for truly needed programs.