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CN ON: Inmates Pushed To Smuggle Drugs
Inquest Told ' Weekenders' Asked for Help A coroner's inquest heard Tuesday that drug smuggling was so pervasive at Windsor Jail that "weekender" inmates being pressured to do it have turned to corrections officers to help them out of a jam.
CN BC: Ruling Vindicates Parents Of Sick Summerland Tot
In a decision that will affect a Summerland couple's efforts to treat their daughter's seizures, the B.C. Appeal Court has ruled the federal government's restriction on allowing only dried marijuana to be used under its medical access regulations is unconstitutional.
CN BC: Marc Emery Free From Prison, Back in Canada, and Taking
After spending almost five years in the United States incarcerated for selling marijuana seeds via mail, the Vancouver-based Prince of Pot is a free man.
CN ON: Senator Denies Conflict Over Medical Pot Ties
Experts Say Campbell's Advisory Positions Are Within Guidelines but Put Him in a Poor Light OTTAWA - Sen. Larry Campbell, while acting within ethics guidelines, has put himself in a clear "appearance" of being in a conflict of interest by accepting a post as adviser to a Vancouver company breaking into the medical marijuana business, say ethics experts.


CN BC: OPED: Better Addiction Training On Horizon
Imagine a known and immensely costly medical condition. Consider this illness has been the subject of great study, with research breakthroughs providing a clear description of its causes and treatment. Imagine that, despite this, hospitals and physicians' offices are often clogged with consequences of this condition all because of the widespread failure of the medical community to apply what has been learned to effectively diagnose and treat it.
US CO: Party With Best Meds, or Vibrant Health Clinic
THC trophy time The socially minded Club 710 will celebrate its fourth annual Best Meds contest at 9 p.m. this Thursday, Aug. 14, at Peak 31 (the old Union Station, 2419 N. Union Blvd., 321/626-9469). Over the last few months, some 200 volunteer judges have critiqued unlabeled packages of both medical and recreational bud and concentrate, looking for the best sativa, indica, hybrid, kush and oil. Now comes the party, where vendors like Silver Surfer Vaporizer and The Ganja Group will mix with contestants and fans.
US CA: SN&R's Pot Columnist Explains Senate Bill 1262
Can you explain why people are so upset about the bill that would create top-down regulations for California's medical-marijuana industry?
CN ON: OPED: 'Prince of Pot': A Potent Force for Canadian
Why I'm A Fan of Hero Emery, Faults 'N' All Unlike the "Prince of Pot," I don't use marijuana. I never have, and probably never will, even if it were to become legal for recreational use. But then, I don't use alcohol either.


US FL: No Expert Witness
Your opinion piece "Do voters want to unshackle pot?" last Sunday on medical marijuana was predictable enough, but you should really consider the use of more reality-based opinions in the future.
US FL: Wrong Question
Regarding "Do voters want to unshackle pot?": Wrong question. The question should be: Do voters want to keep cannabis unregulated, untaxed and controlled by criminal gangs?
US FL: 'Conclusions' Challenged
The recent opinion piece on the front page of the Tribune, "Greed fuels rally for medical pot" by Douglas MacKinnon (Aug. 9), reaches more incorrect conclusions in one article than I have seen in a long time.
US FL: Political Question
The ignored fact about the classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug is what determines medicinal use. It is not scientific medical research. It is written in the law. Safety of use determines medicinal use. Marijuana is not dangerous. It is safer to abuse than alcohol. No one has died from over consuming marijuana. Marijuana is arbitrarily classified as a controlled substance, and that violates due process of law.
US CA: Missing Robin Williams
We all just lost a brilliant person whom most of us loved. I felt like I lost a brother. This person is Robin Williams. Robin chose to take his life. He was a one-of-a-kind person who had a history of mania, depression and the accompanying medications. Robin rejected clinical terms and instead chose to see himself in terms of being sad. We will miss Robin Williams' laughter; he gave us the best medicine.
US FL: Deadly Prohibition
Regarding your Aug. 10 editorial ("Do voters want to unshackle pot?" Our Views): So-called medical marijuana abuses have beneficial side effects. In California, anyone who wants a medical marijuana recommendation can get one. The recommendation allows consumers to purchase locally grown marijuana of known quality and safety from dispensaries that generate tax revenue. Is it somehow preferable that Florida consumers purchase untaxed, unregulated and potentially unsafe marijuana from criminals? As long as there is a demand for marijuana, there will be a supply.
CN BC: In Praise Of Emery
This is in response to the two angry Province readers who took the time to write in to complain about media attention given to Marc Emery.