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CN ON: Cannabis Culture Store Plans To Reopen Today
The Cannabis Culture store in downtown Peterborough plans to reopen for business on Tuesday at 10 a.m. after closing following a city police raid earlier this month.
CN BC: RCMP Raid Second Pot Shop
Port Alberni RCMP arrested four Port Alberni residents at the Port Alberni Cannabis Club on Bute Street on Thursday, Sept. 22. This is the second search warrant the RCMP have executed at a marijuana dispensary in Port Alberni this month. West Side Alternatives on Athol Street was raided by RCMP on Sept. 16.
CN ON: Councillors Ask Police About Plans For Illegal Pot Stores
'Dispensaries are becoming more and more prevalent,' Fleury says Some city councillors have asked Ottawa police to explain what the force plans to do about the illegal pot shops operating across the city.
CN ON: City Wants Marijuana Farm Licences Revoked
Port Colborne will ask Health Canada to revoke licences to grow medical marijuana at a greenhouse on Pinecrest Road, in the wake of last week's armed robbery there when two people were held at gunpoint.


CN ON: OPED: Dangers Of Stoned Driving Loom Large
As the federal government is planning to introduce legislation next year to begin the process of legalizing and regulating marijuana in Canada, there is an unprecedented urgency to end a new driving behaviour before it is too late.
CN ON: Editorial: A Double Standard
On Monday, police Chief Charles Bordeleau said he wants The Suya Spot, a restaurant on Shillington Avenue where 26-year-old Abdi Jama was shot to death on Sunday, shut down. It's understandable why he'd urge this: in the three years it has been open, police have received more than 100 calls to the eatery about everything from illegal liquor sales to public drunkenness to incidents involving guns, yet it hasn't been shut down. The chief himself doesn't have the power to close a legal business; he wants those officials who do have it to act.
CN ON: Are We Ready For Neighbourhood Sales Of Pot? Hell No
Pretty soon, marijuana will officially be wonderful. God help us. There was a revealing story in Friday's Citizen by reporter Jacquie Miller about a marijuana dispensary in Orleans that opened in a building that also houses a couple of services that cater mostly to children.
CN ON: Column: It's Time To Debate A Safe Injection Site
Each day 700 people line up to get into the Insite supervised safer injection facility in Vancouver.


CN BC: To Save Lives, Make Illicit Drug Use Less Dangerous
Re: Liberals willing to kill limits Tories put on supervised-injection sites, Sept. 23 Naloxone kits! First responders! Safe places to inject! Thanks to everyone involved. You will save lives. Unfortunately, there will still be more overdose deaths. You cannot save everyone. Nothing will save everyone, but we could mitigate the rising death toll (488 to date this year in B.C. alone) by legalizing and controlling all drugs, allowing users to access an unadulterated product. If this idea is distasteful to you, just wait until a friend, a family member or a relative succumbs to the unintended consequence of using street drugs. Maybe then you will join the chorus of people advocating legalization.
US AZ: Legal Marijuana Would Make Kids Safer
Political reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez moderates a debate between Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (against) and J.P. Holyoak from the Pro Prop 205 Campaign over legalizing recreational marijuana in Arizona.
CN ON: All Drug Use Should Be Decriminalized
I believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to decriminalize and regulate the production, sale and use of marijuana is correct and should be applied to other drugs as well - like cocaine, for example.
CN ON: Drug Use Is Not A Simple Issue
Re: Letter to the Editor titled "Illegal drug use simply isn't safe, stop it" published on Sept. 13.
CN BC: Bank Needs To Change Its Policy
Dear Editor: The Royal Bank of Canada has stated its policy on industries or businesses which deal with products involving marijuana. The bank has stated that it will not loan money to any company or business which deals with marijuana.
CN ON: Trudeau On Right Track
I believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to decriminalize and regulate the production, sale and use of marijuana is correct and should be applied as well to other drugs, such as cocaine.
CN ON: War On Drugs Doesn't Work
I believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to decriminalize and regulate the production, sale and use of marijuana is correct and should be applied to other drugs as well, like cocaine, for example.