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CN BC: Grow Op Homes: Five Things To Know
As the hot market pushes buyers to look for bargains, banks get more requests to finance remediated houses
CN BC: 'Craft Cannabis' Growers Fight For Legal Role
Advocates say B.C. jobs, tourism at stake as pot sales go mainstream VANCOUVER - Travis Lane has been growing marijuana since high school, when his first pot plant swiftly withered and died in his bedroom closet. By the time he was 20, he had cultivated a small basement grow operation.
CN BC: Edible Pot Products Complicate A Confusing Marketplace
It's easy to feel like a kid in a candy store at some of Victoria's marijuana dispensaries. And that's exactly what worries provincial and regional health authorities.
CN AB: Issuing Proper Dose Key To Medical Pot
Pharmacy manager says finding that sweet spot is biggest challenge now A Saskatoon pharmacy manager told a Calgary conference on Sunday that while the benefits of medical marijuana are clear, many unknowns still exist with how the drug should be used.


CN AB: Column: How Readers Would Treat 42,000 Addicts
Eureka! Just recently I reported that it was impossible to write this column. I had asked readers to respond to how I believe 42,000 addicts on methadone should be treated. Then my computer developed terminal cancer and I thought all your responses had been lost. Fortunately, the "Geek Squad" resurrected them.
CN ON: Column: PM's Pot Czar Needs Credibility
If Grits are serious about legalization, things must change Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a shrewd political decision when he promised to legalize the use of marijuana in the last election. It made him look hip and no doubt delivered many votes and helped him gain power.
US ID: OPED: Legalization of Pot Hasn't Boosted Use by
The biggest single risk in legalizing marijuana in 2012 - with no other issue even close - was the effect it might have on adolescents.
CN ON: Why Ottawa's Board Of Health Backs Supervised Injection
Harm reduction allows drug use but improves addicts' health. The recent Ottawa Board of Health decision to support enhanced harm reduction, including supervised injection sites (SIS), for IV drug users was in the public interest.


New Zealand: Minister Misinformed
It seems Peter Dunne (June 13) is as misinformed about me, as much as he is about medicinal cannabis.
CN QU: Portugal Has The Right Idea
Re: "How Portugal solved its drug woes" (NP Montreal, June 20) Legalizing the use not only of marijuana but that of heroin and cocaine as well, accompanied by an intensive treatment program, seems to have paid off.
CN ON: The Senator Should Rethink His View
Re: Ex-top cop and deputy on opposite sides of debate, June 18. I was encouraged by former deputy chief of police Larry Hill's support of safe injection sites. On the other hand, Vern White's stance against such injection sites is rather disappointing and short-sighted. As a former chief of police and now a senator, he states "my job ... is to represent the residents and what they want, and I don't think this makes residents safer."
CN ON: Accept The Evidence, Councillor
Coun. Shad Qadri listened to the evidence from professionals and colleagues. He still could not support the safe injection site - partly because a cabbie would not take him closer than a couple of blocks from the Insite injection site in Vancouver. I wonder how representative that cabbie was.
CN ON: A Candle In The Dark For Drug Addicts
Re: A 'Yes' Vote for injection sites, June 21. Kudos to Ottawa's board of health for recognizing that safe injection sites are about so much more than giving addicts clean needles and a place to shoot up in the presence of allied healthcare providers. In fact, safe injection sites, like the one proposed under the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre's OASIS program, will ultimately benefit the surrounding neighbourhood and our entire city.
US MD: Padlocking Won't Help
Padlocking stores and punishing small business owners who are fearful of drug dealer retaliation is not the solution to reducing crime ("Police close BP gas station," June 22). This is about drug prohibition, and here is another reason added to the long list of reasons for ending drug prohibition laws which are counter productive to public safety.
US CA: Suddenly Marijuana Doesn't Look So Bad
Regarding "City smart to prepare for marijuana use" (June 22): Didn't the ability to tax the heck out of marijuana take the stigma out of it in a hurry?