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One of our most successful projects to date has been our letter writing campaign. With our excellent news gathering and distribution network the next logical step is using this information to educate and influence the media.

Letter Writer's Style Guide

Incorporating the following guidelines in your letters to the editor (LTEs) will greatly increase your chances of publication as well as help improve MAPs image of striving to present high quality accurate information on topics of drug policy:

Links Database

We have 400+ drug reform organizations and web sites listed in our Links Database that are searchable alphabetically, by geographic location, focus, keywords or special interest. If your organization or favorite web site is not listed, please submit it here. [Learn more ]

Mailing Lists

DrugSense hosts a number of mailing lists, also known as listserves, for various international, national, regional and topical focus groups.

Media Contact DB

Our Media Contact On Demand! database contains information for U.S. and Canadian print and broadcast data which can be searched on any field and output in a variety of formats.


Get connected with drug policy reform activists, experts, academics, doctors, lawyers, economists, sociologists, criminologists and former and current drug users.

Request for Support for DrugSense and MAP Inc.

Dear Drug Policy Reform Supporter,

As has been the case for many years, continued support of DrugSense/MAP Inc. has been a vital factor in what we consider to be one of the best investments in the drug policy reform effort that we are aware of. On a relatively small budget, we continue to provide an impressive array of features and support for a wide ranging group of organizations and individuals that are active throughout the drug policy reform arena.

Hopefully this report will provide something of an overview of what DrugSense/MAP inc. has been doing for the reform community for more than 25 Years!

Over the years, we have evolved into a very multifaceted organization. This makes it difficult to concisely enumerate all of the many and varied services we provide the drug policy reform community but, hopefully, I can provide a pretty convincing overview without taking too much of your time.


Popular DrugSense on-line tools and internet services to assist activists and organizations.

Voter Initiatives

As many drug policy reform activists are discovering, the highest and most direct level of democracy often takes place at the lowest levels of government. This is reflected in the many successful municipal audits and initiatives that have taken place over the last few years. From Seattle's I-75, to Oakland's Measure Z, to Syracuse's Plan B, these important local actions can expose and erode the faulty presumptions that underpin the war on drugs, and they often resonate well beyond their geographical boundaries. Although each municipality has a different social and bureaucratic make-up, we believe that future initiatives can benefit from reviewing the tactics of those that have successfully passed before them. It is with this in mind that DrugSense has developed the "Community Audits and Initiatives" webpage.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Tell a story. The more personal, the better. Stories are powerful persuasion tools. Emotional stories go to the heart and gut. They are memorable. Good stories stay in the readers minds long after facts and figures are forgotten.

Write a Press Release

A press release is created and distributed to inform media personnel about a newsworthy event. The objective is to grab their interest and get them to not only attend the event but also publish a story about it. For years, the press has had the empty 'Just Say No' answer shoved down their throats and ARE hungry to hear from the drug policy reform side. Most already know the truth and will jump at any chance to present it to the public.

Support DrugSense

You can play an important role in ending the War on Drugs by donating to DrugSense! DrugSense, and its largest endeavor, the Media Awareness Project (MAP), combine to form a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. Financial contributions from individuals like you make up a significant portion of our annual operating budget, so your donation really makes a difference!

Things You Can Do

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