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US WA: Ganja Glut? With Excess Weed, Growers Seek Interstate Sales
"Liquidation sale," it said. Attached was a spreadsheet of items up for grabs: LED grow lights for $500 apiece. Rotary evaporators for hash oil, $10,000.
US WA: Cannabis Farms Hope To Weather Wildfire Season
In 2013, Joy Hollingsworth moved with her family from Seattle out to the country with a plan to build a cannabis business.
US WA: 5 Years In, Washington Considers Overhaul Of Pot Regulation
SEATTLE -- Five years after Washington launched its pioneering legal marijuana market, officials are proposing an overhaul of the state's industry rules, with plans for boosting minority ownership of pot businesses, paving the way for home deliveries of medical cannabis and letting the smallest growers increase the size of their operations to become more competitive.
US WA: Report: Opioid Overdoses Kill Two In Washington Every Day
Opioid overdoses are killing two people in Washington each day, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Tuesday urged legislation that will limit new legal opioid prescriptions and monitor those receiving the drug.
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US WA: Cannabis Treats Chronic Pain
Regarding the guest commentary, "Treatment, not punishment, will limit opioid problems": States that end cannabis (marijuana) prohibition are in a better position to help lower opioid addiction and death rates compared to states that perpetuate cannabis prohibition. Citizens may use opiates for chronic pain, which may lead to various addiction scenarios. Cannabis has shown to treat chronic pain, and in states where cannabis has been completely re-legalized, citizens may purchase the plant over the counter without a doctor's permission slip. It's a potential win-win situation that should be promoted.
US WA: 'Hiding Our Heads In The Sand'
My brother, Michael, suffered a lot of pain from a back injury related to a car accident in his 30s. His was prescribed opioids, which quickly became an addiction that ruled his adult life. He was in denial and refused help. He never had a problem finding drugs, and I don't mean illegally.
US WA: Pot Bill Doesn't Foster Illicit Sales
The Jan. 22 letter, "Bill creates new pot black market," takes issue with Senate bill 6207, which exempts from public disclosure some information contained within marijuana licensing records. As chief of enforcement for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, I would like to clarify that the intent of the legislation would protect only a small amount of information from being released publicly.
US WA: Legislature Passed Marijuana Law That Fails
Medical marijuana patients were generally ignored when the Cannabis Patient Protection Act was up for debate this year. Instead legislators pushing this bill were more concerned with those who would benefit from restrictions on cannabis such as the pharmaceutical industry. The shortsightedness shown by those pushing this legislation may end up costing patients and others, including the state, in the long run.
US WA: Pot Shops Won't Hurt Churches
Regarding the letter, "Keep pot shops away from churches," where author invites his readers, "what say you." Well, here's what I say: I don't have a problem with the city of Everett Planning Commission allowing legal "pot shops" next to churches. Also, believe me, I-502 is not flawed. It has been scrutinized by lawyers inside and out. What is now the legal standard is what the voters voted in favor of.
US WA: Pot Profiteers Harmful
Unfortunately, I believe that Washington government has equated the "gangland attitude" of profiteering shown by so many so-called medical cannabis "stores" with all of us, i.e., legitimate medical patients and activists.
US WA: Letter: Share Revenue From Marijuana Tax
In November 2012, Washington state voters approved Initiative 502 legalizing recreational marijuana. Part of the appeal of legalization was the potential of a new revenue source for cities.
US WA: Fund Education And Prevention
According to headlines, Washington lawmakers are trying to divert marijuana tax revenues to fund general education instead of prevention and treatment services (SB 6062).
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US WA: Lawsuit Seeks To Block King County Vote On Safe
US: Connelly: Lawsuit seeks to block King County vote on safe injection sites - Found: Tue Aug 22 14:21:02 2017 PDT Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) Copyright: 2017 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Website: Details: Author: Joel Connelly
US WA: Unmet Promises to Fund Marijuana Mitigation
MARIJUANA legalization in Washington state has, by some measures, been an immediate success. Criminal charges for marijuana possession have all but vanished. The once-thriving black market is being daylighted. And recreational users' wink-and-a-nod exploitation of the medical-marijuana system is gone.
US WA: Treatment, Not Punishment, Will Limit Opioid
TREATMENT, NOT PUNISHMENT, WILL LIMIT OPIOID PROBLEMS President Obama did something remarkable this week. For the first time, a president talked about drug addiction in America without talking about prosecution, mandatory minimums or a war on drugs.
US WA: Is Decrease in Pot Grows Important? Yes, It
The news seemed almost anachronistic in this era of relaxed ordinances and attitudes about marijuana. Last week, law enforcement officials announced that illegal marijuana production in Washington state has plummeted - even though large numbers of plants still flourish on the state's public lands.
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The Lifevine Foundation is a non-profit public education and legal assistance provider for medical marijuana patients in Washington State
Douglas Hiatt, PLLC
Douglas Hiatt has spent the majority of his career serving as a public defender. Most recently with Northwest Defender Association in Seattle, and with the Skagit County Public Defenderís Office; developing an acute appreciation for the injustices of our legal system. Hiattís concern for downtrodden victims of drug war aggression compelled him to enjoin private practice with deepening resolve.
Hemp-friendly ISP
Marijuana Fact Or Fiction
Marijuana Fact or Fiction works very hard to get out the facts and teach about the Medical use of Marijuana. We go to Hemp events and speak on stage and now I even work two hours a week for free at a Radio Station in Idaho teaching about the Medical use of Marijuana.
Mfiles Meth and Marijuana Resource Tool
The mission of the Northwest HIDTA is to measurably reduce large scale importation and local drug trafficking by intercepting shipments, disrupting local manufacturing and trafficking operations and to reduce demand by supporting treatment and effective demand reduction programs.
The North American Syringe Exchange Network
Dedicated to the creation, expansion and continued existence of syringe exchange programs as a proven method of stopping the transmission of blood borne pathogens in the injecting drug using community.
The Seattle Hempfest
Hempfest is a 2 day ralley to draw attention to the absurd cannabis laws in the United States. We are the largest such ralley in the world, annually drawing over 150,000 people. We feature 5 stages, 70+ speakers and 70+ bands, and are free to the public


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