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New Zealand: Ardern Admits To Inhaling, Kiwis Shrug
SYDNEY, Australia - The question from the debate moderator in New Zealand was simple and to the point: "Jacinda Ardern, have you ever used cannabis?"
New Zealand: Medical Cannabis Change Welcomed By Northland
Moves to make it easier for patients to get cannabis-based medication for pain relief or symptom control have been welcomed by Northland's medical marijuana campaigners.
New Zealand: Aging Baby Boomers Increasingly Embrace Marijuana
Studies show older generation are more likely to drink too much and smoke marijuana. Given more than half of US states allow medical marijuana use, some seniors may be turning to it to treat the ailments of old age.
New Zealand: O'Connor Remains Cannabis Agnostic
The outgoing boss of the New Zealand Police Association says a tour of cannabis-friendly countries was an eye-opener, but hasn't convinced him New Zealand should follow suit.
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New Zealand: Marijuana Helped
Nearly 30 years ago my then 40- year-old husband was diagnosed with cancer. Two years later and after several operations, the cancer returned and nothing more could be done. His life over, his last couple of years consisted of radiotherapy, operations and daily doses of morphine. We were told that even with the cancer he had, he would never have to be in pain, due to the morphine. What we weren't told was the side effects of the morphine - nightmares, hallucinations and not being able to eat. We ended up taking turns to sit with him during the night to talk him through the hallucinations. He tried halving the morphine dose but was then in a lot of pain.
New Zealand: Marijuana Relief
It's interesting being a criminal. I spent the past 30 years being a relatively model citizen. Then I got diagnosed with terminal cancer in multiple sites. I have turned into a criminal to survive, thrive and stay alive.
New Zealand: Double Standard On Marijuana
John Key's response to the survey showing 80 per cent of us want medical marijuana legalised and 64 per cent would like ordinary marijuana legalised or at least decriminalised was very interesting. While saying that "would send the wrong message to our young people", he added that he understood the police were already "turning a blind eye" in many cases. If this is true, it reveals a disturbing attitude to the law among both those who make these laws and those who enforce them. It may be time to remember the old saying, "Never make a law you can't enforce" for ignoring or defying one law tends to reduce respect for all.
New Zealand: Defying Logic
Now that it is blindingly obvious how harmful and expensive the prohibition of cannabis is, the new question is "Why?" Why are Nick Smith and Peter Dunne so determined to keep their heads buried deep in the sand on the realities of the cannabis issue? The recent Treasury information pried from government files by our astute local lawyer Sue Grey and the use of the OIA, supplies truckloads of valid observations as to the fiscal disaster The War on Drugs is creating, in addition to the acknowledged harm to society.
New Zealand: Cannabis Change
There are urgent calls from many sectors of our society for our government to end the ineffective, expensive and irrational war on drugs. Police advise that they spend $230m a year on cannabis "crime". Beverley Aldridge, president of the Otamatea Grey Power branch, said that the branch voted unanimously to create a petition to re-legalise cannabis. Her petition acknowledges the fact that cannabis has been used legally for centuries before the demonisation and subsequent prohibition of this useful plant in 1961.
New Zealand: Minister Misinformed
It seems Peter Dunne (June 13) is as misinformed about me, as much as he is about medicinal cannabis.
New Zealand: Driving Stoned
"Nanogirl" Michelle Dickinson's article on the dangers of cannabis to teens isn't bad, but coming from someone who says she "is passionate about getting Kiwis hooked on science" it doesn't do very well on scientific accuracy.
New Zealand: Cannabis Industry?
Once again we see another suffering New Zealander on TV news who is having great difficulties getting the only medicine that really helps him, medicinal cannabis.
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New Zealand: Canada's Legalisation Experience
It's been fascinating to watch the debate over cannabis law reform in New Zealand from Canada, especially the arguments based on how well or how poorly legal regulation has been playing out in my country. It's also interesting - and amusing - to read the sometimes apocalyptic or pollyannaish predictions about what will happen in New Zealand if voters endorse the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill (CLCB), with no regard for evidence from overseas.
New Zealand: Opinion As Well As Science Informs Policy Advice
Prof Joe Boden, of the University of Otago, provides a view from inside the expert panel on cannabis ahead of this year's cannabis referendum.
New Zealand: Legalising Cannabis Is Not in the
If a referendum was held on legalising cannabis for personal use, would you support it? You'd have to be off your scone. The New Zealand Drug Foundation (NZDF) has been crowing about the results of its self-selecting poll, indicating broad public support for decriminalising cannabis for personal use. Rebecca Reider made history over the weekend by bringing the first legal raw cannabis flower into New Zealand, campaigners say.
New Zealand: Prohibition - It Should Be Banned
Imagine a natural product with medicinal benefits that human beings have used for centuries. A product so popular that its sale has funded the activities of certain enterprises for generations. A product used by people young and old, well and unwell, rich and poor.
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New Zealand Drug Foundation
The New Zealand Drug Foundation is an umbrella organisation that aims to reduce drug related harm. Methods for achieving this include facilitation, advocacy and information dissemination.
NORML New Zealand
NORML New Zealand: working to reform our marijuana laws. Cannabis, marijuana, hemp, civil rights, laws, politics and activism.


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