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Request for Support for DrugSense and MAP Inc.

Dear Drug Policy Reform Supporter,

As has been the case for many years, continued support of DrugSense/MAP Inc. has been a vital factor in what we consider to be one of the best investments in the drug policy reform effort that we are aware of. On a relatively small budget, we continue to provide an impressive array of features and support for a wide ranging group of organizations and individuals that are active throughout the drug policy reform arena.

Hopefully this report will provide something of an overview of what DrugSense/MAP inc. has been doing for the reform community for more than 25 Years!

Over the years, we have evolved into a very multifaceted organization. This makes it difficult to concisely enumerate all of the many and varied services we provide the drug policy reform community but, hopefully, I can provide a pretty convincing overview without taking too much of your time.

Simply scrolling around our primary websites should provide some pretty impressive examples. Please See:


Drug Policy Central,, comprises our effort to support organizations without the means, time, or expertise to provide a functional online presence. We provide a wide range of activist tools and features including: RSS feeds, hosting, web design, content management systems, email lists and management, databases, email accounts, newsfeeds, forms, various levels of technical support and much more.

See our list of DrugSense-Supported Organizations

The DrugSense Drug War Clock,, is another fairly good example of our wide ranging reach. This handy tool, developed by DrugSense/MAP a couple of decades ago, and recently upgraded, has been linked to by various drug policy reform advocates and organizations worldwide. Simply do a web search on Drugwar Clock and you will see our clock utilized by scores of various reform groups, on their respective websites, nation and world wide. (It's even utilized by Wikipedia!)

Your continued support of DrugSense/MAP not only helps keep our organization operational, but it indirectly insures that all the many and varied organizations we help support continue to operate smoothly and efficiently with our behind the scenes efforts.

Alliance of Reform Organizations (ARO) Discussion Forum

DrugSense has hosted the ARO discussion forum since its inception more than 15 years ago. It is essentially a central "clearing house" where recognized reform leaders can discuss strategy, important drug policy reform developments, media opportunities, etc. This list is invitation only and is comprised of most, if not all, significant drug policy reform leaders and activists.

DrugNews Digest

As we have done for well over 2 decades, we continue to archive drug policy related news articles. Due to budgetary and staff limitations, as well as the ease with which one can set up focused news gathering, we have deemphasized this aspect of our efforts in recent years. We do, however, still generate the DrugNews Digest; a periodic compilation of significant drug policy news.

If you are not already subscribed, and wish to be, please see:

In my view, it would be difficult to overstate how much "bang for the buck" those who support our efforts are receiving. Should we ever be unable to continue operations, I don't think it an overstatement to say it would be something of a disaster to a great deal of dedicated advocates and organizations nation and worldwide.

With your continued support, we will look forward to helping to continue the impressive strides towards more sensible drug policies that have accomplished in recent years. It's been a long and difficult struggle, but the significant progress, in marijuana law reform, and other drug policy related matters, has been a great boost to all of us who are striving to bring about more sensible drug policies throughout our nation and worldwide.

On behalf of the DrugSense/MAP board and staff, our sincerest thanks once again for your impressive and longstanding support.

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Mark Greer
DrugSense/MAP Inc.
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Irvine, CA 92604
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