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Voter Initiatives

As many drug policy reform activists are discovering, the highest and most direct level of democracy often takes place at the lowest levels of government. This is reflected in the many successful municipal audits and initiatives that have taken place over the last few years. From Seattle's I-75, to Oakland's Measure Z, to Syracuse's Plan B, these important local actions can expose and erode the faulty presumptions that underpin the war on drugs, and they often resonate well beyond their geographical boundaries. Although each municipality has a different social and bureaucratic make-up, we believe that future initiatives can benefit from reviewing the tactics of those that have successfully passed before them. It is with this in mind that DrugSense has developed the "Community Audits and Initiatives" webpage.

Here you will find a) the exact wording of many of the nation's most successful local drug policy audits and municipal medical cannabis and personal possession de-prioritization initiatives; b) much of the research used to justify a shifting of drug policy enforcement priorities; c) links to related press coverage; and d) lists of supportive organizations.

Since the implementation of either a local ballot initiative or drug enforcement audit will differ from city-to-city and from state-to-state, DrugSense strongly recommends that any individual or organization wishing to initiate such a project should begin by contacting an experienced local lawyer, as well as the many drug policy reform organizations that might supply advice, information, and perhaps even funding.

This is an ongoing DrugSense project; if your municipality has passed or initiated progressive drug policy reform measures and you'd like to make this information available to other like-minded reformers, please contact Philippe Lucas at:; we'd be happy to include your town, city or county on this website.

Voter Initatives