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Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin

Welcome to the Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin Home Page, and home of the DPFWI discussion list. Founded November 1998, the Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin is a virtual organization consisting of a diverse group of activists from all over Wisconsin who understand that the so-called "war on drugs" is a failure and that it is time to adopt a more humane approach to drug policies. While the emphasis of DPFWI is on cannabis, particularly of the medicinal variety, all areas of drug policy reform are represented.

The Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin website is one of a family of Wisconsin drug policy reform websites hosted by the good folks at DrugSense.org. These days, the DPFWI website functions as more of a historical archive of WI drug policy reform. The DPFWI discussion list continues to provide a forum for drug policy reform talk in WI. Madison NORML is another member of this family, and offers a blog with commentary and news on cannabis related news in WI. In addition, Is My Medicine Legal YET? is a medical cannabis only site. There is also a website for Wisconsin NORML, as well as a couple non-DrugSense hosted sites, the home page on My Space of Madison's Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival, held each fall. HF 2008 will be the 38th incarnation of this historic event. Finally, there is a Madison NORML page on Madison.com's Community Pages. There is also a Facebook presence for IMMLY and WI NORML. These sites are mostly edited by a single volunteer, so please bear with us if a page has not been updated as regularly as would a site with proper funding. 

The DPFWI mailing list provides a place for Wisconsin activists to discuss developments and strategies regarding drug policy reform in the Badger state and beyond. The website is also intended to be a resource for those interested in furthering drug policy reform in Wisconsin. Check out the Activist Calendar for upcoming events in Wisconsin and vicinity. Visit the News page for links to articles about recent developments in Wisconsin. And be sure to visit the Medicinal Cannabis pages, chronicling the drive to enact legislation to protect state patients who benefit from this therapy. 


DPFWI Calendar: Updated Friday, June 06, 2008 02:53 PM

Madison NORML Blog: Steve Kagen votes to arrest medical marijuana patients: John Gard would approve

Madison NORML blog:  Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin: Looking Back at 2007: Part One / Part Two


Madison NORML blog:  Wisconsin Assembly Bill 740 regarding the medical use of marijuana -- Born: October 11, 2005 - Died: March 9, 2006

Madison NORML blog:  Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin: Looking Back at 2005: Part One./ Part Two

Read Rep. Underheim's new bipartisan Wisconsin medical marijuana bill AB740
Recap of Health Committee Public Hearing on AB 740 held Tuesday November 22 at the Capitol in Madison

Madison's Core Weekly: COFFEE WITH... Gary Storck

Medical Cannabis in Wisconsin in Milwaukee's Shepherd Express Cover Story: The Politics of Pot Medical Marijuana Activists Are Just Getting Started

Wisconsin reaction to Supreme Court decision
Wisconsin Lawmaker Working On a Medical Marijuana Bill

March 23, 2005: Wisconsin Legislature Considers Decriminalization

March 23, 2005: Madison NORML Blog: Ordinance 23.20 turns 28 April 5 -- The next step: Tax & Regulate?

First Medical Cannabis Lobby Day at Wisconsin State Capitol on Wednesday February 16, 2005 

December 16, 2004: Madison Channel 27 News: Loophole in Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Ban

August 10, 2004: The Capital Times: 
Editorial: Marijuana is good medicine

August 5, 2004: The Capital Times:
Medical pot advocates tell of pain - and gain
Oshkosh legislator to lead push

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March 2 2004: Madison Medical Marijuana Awareness Week proclaimed by City Council!

February 23, 2004 Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced!


Greens and Libertarians agree: Legalize medical cannabis NOW!

EDitorial from Ed Thompson: Libertarian Party demands compassion for suffering patients

26 February 2004: Press Release: Wisconsin Green Party Urges Support for Bill That Will Protect Medical Marijuana Patients, AB 892

Howard Dean confronted in Madison on October 5, 2003

Wisconsin Radio Network: GOP Rep's Medical Marijuana bill hailed

Republican Lawmaker Introduces Medicinal Marijuana Bill

Cancer Changes Lawmaker's Mind on Drug - Illness leads Underheim to introduce bill for use of medical marijuana

Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Law To Be Considered

Cheryl Miller Memorial Project

HR 2233 States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act reintroduced in Congress

Text of Madison's historic Ordinance 23.20

Listen to DPFWI WORT Access Hour archived radio programs online!

View Ed Thompson tv commercial featuring medical marijuana patients

Ed Thompson Poll finds over 70% support for medical cannabis in Wisconsin!

More Pictures from Harvest Fest 2002!

Pictures from the 2002 31st Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival which was held Saturday and Sunday October 5 & 6, 2002 in Madison Wisconsin.

October 5, 2002: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorializes in favor of medical cannabis: When it's OK to inhale

Wisconsinites For Safe Access (Updated January 8, 2003)

IMMLY to coordinate June 6 2002 Madison WI protest of September 5 DEA raid on WAMM dispensary in Santa Cruz, California 

Wisconsin News Page (Updated August 23, 2002)

Wisconsin patient joins Capitol Hill Press Conference supporting HR 2592 States' Right to Medical Marijuana Act

Photos from U.S. Conference of Mayors Free Speech Stage Drug War Day June 15, 2002

June 6th 2002 was a nation-wide day of action to protest ongoing DEA assaults against medical cannabis dispensaries and patients. The event was coordinated across the U.S. by Americans for Safe Access (http://www.safeaccessnow.org/). An event was held in Madison, Wisconsin at Noon on June 6th 2002. Read a report about the event: Rally backs medical marijuana

IMMLY Poll finds Overwhelming Statewide Support for passage of Wisconsin Medicinal Marijuana Bill

Medical Marijuana Bill introduced in Wisconsin. AB 715 Introduced 14 January 2002! See: Medicinal Cannabis in Wisconsin (updated July 15, 2002).

This website and the DPFWI are hosted by MAP/Drug Sense. Follow this link to find out more about DPFWI, MAP and Drug Sense, and how you can make a difference in this effort.

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